Engineering Costs

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Bind on equip (BOE) and "NODROP" items are discounted 50% from the displayed prices when Ranking and Augmenting.

  • Green = Uncommon Items
  • Blue = Rare Items
  • Violet = Ultra Rare Items
  • Gold = Legendary Items
  • Red = Precursor Items
  • Grey = Ultimate Items

All costs are in Black Dollars.

Unbinding an item removes the 'NO DROP' flag and returns the item to BOE status so they can be traded.

Items that are > 1 EP cannot be Ranked-Down to 0 EP. However, items that are 1 EP can be Augmented to 0 EP.

Engineering Costs Formulas

Augmentation Costs

Engineering augment.png

Weapon, Armor, and Storage Ranking Costs

Engineering rank.png

Computer Ship Ranking Costs

Engineering computer.png

Special Ship Ranking Costs

Engineering special.png

Repair Costs

Engineering repairs.png


Common - Cannot be unbound

Uncommon - 200 BD

Rare - 300 BD

Ultra Rare - 400 BD

Legendary - 500 BD

Precursor - 600 BD

Ultimate - 700 BD