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Engines are items that primarily affect movement within the game.

They can be used by any ship, making them very flexible and highly-desired.

Engines currently cannot be found as NPC loot drops.

Gravity Drives

  • All Rarity versions provide +1 EquipPoints
  • Provides a %-chance of jumping instantly.
    •  %-chance increases with rarity
    • Instant jumps do not consume Hyper Drive
  • Can be equipped and unequipped in any sector as long as no enemies are present.
  • Originally released as a limited-edition item celebrating The Infinite Black's 1-Year Anniversary
  • Now obtained with Reward Points and as contest prizes.

Skip Drives

  • All jumps become instant
  •  %-chance on jump of losing 1% durability
    • higher-rarity skip drives have reduced chance of durability loss
  • Can be equipped and unequipped in any sector as long as no enemies are present.
  • Only obtainable as contest prizes

Stealth Drives

  • Silent movement
    • Masks which direction a ship moves to in the Events chat log.
    • Stealthed players cannot be followed by enemies (allies are able to follow), except by ships using Scout Specials
  • Invisible to Scanning
  • Wyrd Assassin ships have a built-in ultra-rare Stealth Drive
  • Obtained by using Reward Points

Neutron Drive

  • The Neutron Drive is a bonus item given to all accounts over level 10 that :transfer to the Grey Server.
  • It functions similarly to Skip Drives, except it consumes Dark Matter to perform instant jumps instead of degrading durability.
  • The item will be active on release, but the item description in-game will not be displayed properly until a client update happens.

Unreleased Engines

These Engines are listed on the Web Tools site, but are currently not available inside the game.

  • Fission Drive
  • Fusion Drive
  • Impulse Drive