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EquipPoints (EP)

EquipPoints is The Infinite Black's method of providing space on your ship to equip items. Every item has its own EquipPoint value - that is: the number of EquipPoints it takes to equip a certain item - and each ship has its own number of EquipPoints available.

At no time can the number of EquipPoints used by your equipment exceed the number of available EquipPoints. If this happens, some gear will be automatically unequipped.

Weapons, Armors, Storage and Harvesters generally require some available EquipPoints in order to equip them. Engines, Specials and Computers do not require any available EquipPoints.

  • For Weapons, Armors, and Storage Boxes:
    • For every increase in an item's Rank, the number of EquipPoints required increases by 1.
    • For every increase in an item's Rarity, the number of EquipPoints required decreases by 1.
  • For Harvesters:
    • Pirate Harvesters (LCD) begin at 2 EquipPoints
    • Heteroclite Harvesters (HX) begin at 3 EquipPoints
    • Wyrd Empire Harvesters (WP) begin at 4 EquipPoints
    • Rift Harvesters (DCD) begin at 5 EquipPoints
    • The Version of the Harvester (V1, V2 ... V11, V12) does not affect the number of EquipPoints
    • For every two increases in Rarity, the number of EquipPoints required decreases by 1.

The number of EquipPoints available can be increased by many methods:

Item Engineering to increase the Rarity of an item or changing it's Rank (size) is the most efficient way to get equipment to fit efficiently in your ship.

Ship EquipPoints