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Equipment Basics

There are many different Item Types in The Infinite Black.

The power of items are determined by their rank and Item Rarity.

  • Ranks determine the size and power of any given item class.
    • a common Auto Cannon I weapon is smaller and less powerful than a common Auto Cannon II.
  • There are 30 different ranks for all types of Weapons, Armor, and Storage.
  • Each item Rank increases its size by 1.
  • Item ranks allow you to be flexible with your equipment setup for your ships.
  • Some item types, such as Computers and Specials are ranked by ship types.
    • These items have a size of 0, and can be used without sacrificing EquipPoints that would otherwise go to weapons, armor, and storage.
    • The abilities of computers and specials of the same class do not change when the ship type is different.
  • Item Rarity also increases the power of items.
  • Improving rarity increases an item's stats more than ranking it.
  • Each time Rarity is increased, the size of the item is reduced by 1.
    • a common Auto Cannon I has a size of 1, but an uncommon Auto Cannon I has a size of 0 and has much better stats overall.
  • The rarer an item is, the higher the level required to equip it.
  • As long as an item is not "common" its rank and rarity can be manipulated with planetary Engineering.

Demo gun item.png

This is a Common Rarity Pulvierzier, rank II, with a size of 2, and Durability of 100%.

Demo gun item2.png

This is a Legendary Rarity Nullcannon , rank XIV, with a size of 10, and Durability of 100%.

Item Durability

All items have Durability. Durability represents the state of damage done to that item.

Loss of item durability is the major penalty for Dying in The Infinite Black.

  • Dying to an NPC reduces durability on all equipped items by 5% each.
  • Being killed in PvP to another player reduces durability on all equipped items by 10% each.
    • If you are killed by an NPC with an Enemy Player in the sector, it counts as a PVP death.
  • If an item is under 25% durability, it can be stolen by another player by Item Theft when you die.
  • Items that are not "common" rarity can be repaired using planetary Engineering.