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The Basics

All new players start with a Shuttle, a common Auto Cannon I Weapons, a common Composite Hull I Armor, and a common Storage I Storage.

The Auto Cannon and Composite Hull are already equipped by your ship, but the Storage is not. This page will instruct you on how to equip items, using the Storage I as an example.

Items can only be equipped and unequipped in Blue Sectors or friendly Alliance/Corporation Sectors.

Equipping Inventory Items

To equip your Storage I item, tap on your ship icon on the right-side of your screen.

Ship tabs.png

By default, this opens up your Ship Action Menu tab. However, we want to access your Inventory screen first, so select the Inventory Button.

Select the Item type you wish to equip. In this case, pick Storage.

Inventory storage.png

This will display all the Storage Items in your Inventory.

Tapping on the item will display the options available to you:

Item options.png This common storage item increases the number of Resources you can have in your ship by 5. It has a size of 1, durability of 31%, and has a sell value of $26 credits. It is also NO DROP, which means it cannot be traded to other players.

These Options are:

  • Equip - Equips the selected item
  • Jettison - Drops the item into your current sector for anyone to pick up
  • Scrap - Sells the item for displayed Credit value
  • To Bank - Moves the item to your Bank. This can only be done in Blue sectors and Alliance sectors.

Select "Equip" on your Storage I item, and it will be loaded into your ship and provide you with the displayed bonuses!

Item Stats

Your common Storage I item is now equipped, and your screen should look something like the below image:

Equipment screen equipped.PNG

Note that your shuttle is now "full." Shuttles have 3 EquipPoints available, and they are all used up because you have three "Size 1" items equipped (your Auto Cannon, Composite Hull, and Storage).

New players aren't in any terrible danger while hunting in Grey sectors and killing things faster is always helpful. So, you might want look for a common rank II weapon (e.g. Auto Cannon II) to help you out. Once you find one, go to your Inventory screen and select your Auto Cannon and Composite Hull items and unequip them. You then should have enough room in your shuttle to fit your new "Size 2" weapon.

Demo gun item.png

This common Pulverizer II weapon takes up 2 EquipPoints.