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New Player FAQ

Q. How do I play?

  • Short answer: Select map sectors by tapping on them, then press on the Jump Button to move your ship. Explore the surrounding area a little bit. Tap on NPCs you come across (they have Orange names) to start auto-attacking them. When you kill them, you get resources and items you can sell at StarPorts (there’s always one at Earth) for credits. Credits are used to buy ship upgrades at Earth, as well as equipment from StarPorts or the player Auction House. You can repair your armor by long-pressing on your ship, but it consumes the metals.
  • Long answer: Tap the ? Button and look through the Tutorials.

Q. How do I talk to people?

  • You speak with people by pressing the Chat and Private Messages Chat Bubble on the top-left corner of the screen. You can send Private Messages (PMs) to people by tapping on their name in the name list located on the right-hand side of the screen, or by entering the Chat command /NAME *your message* and then pressing the Send button. Once you reach Level 2 you can use General Chat to send messages to everyone on the server. Access to Corp and Alliance chat becomes available when you join a player-run Corporation.

Q. How can I get help in-game?

  • Most new players are quickly invited to Corporations (player-run guilds/clans/etc) as soon as they reach level 0.5. Many Corps are newbie-friendly and have many players who are willing to get you started and can answer any questions you have. Also, you get some stat bonuses by joining a Corporation (through Technology), so there’s no reason why not to accept an invitation as soon as you can.

Q. How can I find help outside the game?

  • Well, you've made it this far, but we have an active Forums community at www.theinfiniteblack.com. You can also access the forums by selecting the Forums link in the Wiki menu (to the left). The Infinite Black staff can also be contacted through email at [email protected]

Q. @&$! What is this chat filter thing?

  • We have a togglable language filter to protect children (and others) from inappropriate words and topics being discussed in the game. The client-side filter can be very sensitive, and most people prefer to turn it off. You can do this by pressing your phone’s Menu button, tapping Chat Filters, and turning Profanity Filter to OFF. There is also a server-side filter that blocks certain words, and bypassing these filters violates the Game Rules.

Q. What are the Game Rules?

  • We don’t have many rules at all. Primarily, we ask that you keep public chat channels clean and appropriate for children. Profanity, racism, real-life threats, and illegal drug references will not be tolerated. Also, do not login to or attempt to login someone else’s account. This will result in a ban. You are free to say whatever you would like in private chat channels (Corp and Alliance), as well as Private Messages (PMs).

Q. What is a friends list? How do I add or remove people?

  • Using the :friend NAME Chat command, you can add someone to your friends list. When you add someone, you get notification when they log in or log out. You can also tap on their names to send them a PM without having to scroll through the big list. If you no longer wish to be friends, just type :friend NAME and you will remove them from your list. All TIB Staff (Ascena, Ozymandias, Mythra, Nurabsal, Zog) appear on everyone’s friends list, and cannot be removed.

Q. How can I ignore someone who is bothering me?

  • Type :ignore NAME and you will no longer see that person’s messages. You can un-ignore them by using the same command.

Q. I have ideas for the game, how do I suggest them?

  • The best place to suggest new ideas for the game is to go to our Forums and make a post on the Suggestion board. Suggestions can also be emailed to [email protected]

Ships and Items

Q. How do I equip items?

  • Short answer: You can equip items that are in your inventory (NOT ones in your bank). Tap on your ship, go to the Equipment tab. Press on the equipment slot you want to equip (e.g. Weapons, Armor, Storage), and un-equip any existing item. Then, tap on the empty slot and select the new item you wish to equip.
  • Long Answer: Read the Equipping Items Tutorial.

Q. Where can I buy new ships?

Q. Can I sell-back or trade-in my old ships?

  • No. Once you purchase a ship, it is yours forever.

Q. Can I transfer my ship to another player or to an alternate account?

  • No. Ships cannot be transferred to other accounts.

Q. How do I switch ships?

  • Go to any friendly planet, press on the Ship Factory, select the ship you wish to use and press the Use Ship button.

Q. How do I get more EquipPoints for my ship?

  • You get more EquipPoints (EP) by upgrading to a larger ship. Items with higher Rarity use fewer EPs. Some items also provide EP bonuses (Toil Computers, Gravity Drive Engines, and many Specials).

Q. How can I repair items?

  • You can only repair items using planetary Engineering and Garrison Technology (Nanorobotics). You cannot repair items that are common or have 1% durability.

PvP and Hardcore Accounts

Q. Why didn't I get Kill credit for killing someone?

  • Destroying smaller ships don’t count as PvP kills. Lay off the newbies! Every ship class under and including Battleships do not count.

Q. Why didn't I get Combat Points for killing someone?

  • Combat Points are only awarded for killing someone in a "fair fight." The game provides feedback as to why you didn't get credit (e.g. unbalanced fight, target didn't meet equipment requirements). To earn Combat Points, you also have to be eligible to give out combat points when you are killed.

Q. What is PVP Rating?

  • The PvP Rating system evaluates the relative PvP strength of Players, Corporations, and Alliances. PvP Ratings can be accessed through the Leaderboard Web Tools site.

Q. What is Hardcore Mode?

  • Hardcore Mode is an advanced account type that is very challenging and not for most people (especially new players).

Q. I have an account that is not Hardcore, can I make it Hardcore (or vice versa)?

  • No, that is not possible.

Corporations and Alliances

Q. How do I leave a Corporation?

  • Type :leave, then follow the instructions.

Q. Can I change my corporation name?

  • No, that is not possible.

Q. Can Leaders be removed from my Corporation?

  • No. Leaders are the top Corporation Rank. Someone who is a leader can only demote or kick himself. Use caution and restraint when promoting another player to Leader. The Infinite Black Mods do not involve themselves in player affairs or politics, and cannot promote or demote any Corporation member.

Q. I lost a Corporation and/or Alliance when my inactive account was purged due to inactivity, can I get it back?

  • No. Unfortunately there is no way for us to restore purged Corps or Alliances. To prevent accidental loss, it is your responsibility to log in your Leader accounts more than once every 45 days. The game's Corporation and Alliance Purging policy has existed for two years, and is clearly stated. There are no exceptions.

Account Issues

Q. Can I change my name?

  • No, that is not possible. There are some database issues involved, and we do not want people to be able to change their names to escape bad reputations.

Q. Can I change my password?

  • Yes, please email [email protected], and be sure to include your name, current password (for verification), and your new password.

Q. I forgot my password!

Q. Can accounts be manually deleted?

  • No, accounts cannot be manually deleted. Accounts are only deleted through an automated purging system. Please read the Account Purging and Deletion policy.

Q. Do accounts get deleted?

Q. I used to play but my account has since been deleted, what can I do to get my account back?

  • Please email [email protected] However, once an account is purged, it cannot be restored. It is gone forever.

Q. Can I buy, trade or sell accounts?

  • We offer no support for accounts that have traded hands. Original owners of accounts are responsible for all activity on that account. If a new owner does something to get banned, there's a good chance your account will also be banned. If ownership of an account is contested, we will ban all accounts involved. Using an account that you did not create violates the EULA.

Q. Can I have free stuff?

  • No, not unless you win Contests. Also, nobody likes beggars. TIB is a very social game, and you don’t want to get a reputation for being a pest.

Q. What are blessing and curses, and what do they do?

  • Blessings and Curses are given out as special rewards for birthdays.

Q. What is Hodor?


Q. Can you spawn invasions for me?

  • No. Invasions are spawned randomly at given intervals. If you want new invasions to spawn, you also need to be sure and clear out existing ones. On very rare occasions and holidays Ozymandias manually spawns uber-invasions.

Q. An invasion is blocking my Alliance cluster....can you help?

  • No, it’s not possible for us to clear out invasions, players have to do it.

Client and Software

Q. Can there be a battery monitor?

  • No. We’ve looked into it, and unfortunately it’s not feasible. It would require invasive permissions and access to your mobiles, and battery monitors will not work for many devices.

Q. Can I play on PC or Mac?

  • Yes! Check out the Technical Tutorials section.
  • Zog and Ozymandias are currently developing a new client in Unity which will standardize TIB and allow you to play the game from a browser, PC, or Macs without an emulator!

Black Dollars and Reward Points

Q. What are Black Dollars (BDs)?

  • BDs are the premium currency in The Infinite Black. You can find BDs in the game for free, earn them as level-up rewards, or buy them from other players with credits. You can also purchase them with real money. When you purchase BDs, you help support the game and make future game development possible.

Q. What can I do with Black Dollars?

  • In short, BDs let you do things in the game a little bit faster and a little bit better. By pressing on The Black Dollar Menu on the left-side of the screen, you can see some of those options. BDs are freely tradable. You can obtain them easily through by trading with other players for credits, items, etc.

Q. I ordered Black Dollars -- Why haven't they come yet?

  • First, check your Google Wallet/Checkout account and email receipts to make sure the order wasn't cancelled for some reason. If your order was cancelled, you need to contact your card issuer or Google to find out why. If it appears to you that the order was successfully processed but not delivered, please send us an email at [email protected] Forwarding us your order receipt will also be helpful.

Q. What are Reward Points?

  • You earn Reward Points by deconstructing uncommon rarity or higher items at planets. You can also earn them by ordering Black Dollars. The intent is for you to save up reward points over several months and then trade them in for something nice for yourself. Using the :Reward Chat command you can see what items are available.

Q. Do you have Sales?

  • Yes, we have sales several times a year. Sales typically include bonus RPs and/or bonus BDs. Sales are announced about a week before they happen.