Garrison Engagements

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Engagement Basics

Destroying and defending garrisons are the goals for Alliance vs Alliance PVP, utilizing the Garrison Engagements system.

Players are rewarded with Combat Points for destroying enemy ships and successfully completing engagements.

To initiate an engagement, certain requirements need to be met:

  • At least 10 attackers in Flagships or larger ships.
  • These 10 attackers need to be equipped with rare items or better.

When an engagement is initiated, there is a countdown timer before PVP combat is allowed. Notification is sent to the corporation and alliance that their garrison is under attack.

When the engagement starts, Defense Platforms and Intradictor are deployed from the Garrison.

To successfully complete an engagement, the enemy garrison needs to be destroyed. If a sector has both a garrison and an alliance planet, both need to be destroyed. Enemy ships do not need to be destroyed to defeat a garrison.

When an engagement is successful, the garrison sector is locked-out for one hour.

  • During this time, garrisons cannot be deployed in the sector.
  • Fleet PVP can occur in locked-out sectors
  • The lockout timer only relates to garrison deployment and engagements, and not ship vs ship PVP.

When a garrison is destroyed, all members of that corporation lose their Technology bonuses (until the garrison is re-deployed).

A garrison engagement fails if the garrison is not destroyed in the allocated time.

  • All attackers are expelled to an adjacent empty sector and stunned for 20 seconds.
  • The defending garrison is locked-down by +3 minutes for each attacker killed during the failed engagement.

Garrison Technology has many options that enhance a garrison's defensive capabilities.

Garrison Engagement Rules

  • Engagement Length: 220 Seconds
  • Defense Tactics Technology reduces time by 20 Seconds
  • Planet engagements get an extra 30 Seconds
  • Max Attackers: 15
  • Max Defenders: 10 + 3 Offline Defenders
  • Offline Defenders fully repair before and after combat. They always attack the lowest hull attacker
  • Garrison always attacks all enemies in sector at the same time
  • Defense Platforms targets lowest hull attacker
  • Intradictors targets lowest hull attacker
  • Planet targets highest hull attacker
  • 6 Defense Platforms spawn, or 7 with Advanced Defense Technology
  • Ships remain online during an active Engagement (even by logging off or disconnecting)