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==Garrison Basics==
When a new [[Corporation]] is made, it is given a Level 0 Garrison.  Each corporation can only have one garrison.
When a new [[Corporation]] is made, it is given a Level 0 Garrison.  Each corporation can only have one garrison.

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When a new Corporation is made, it is given a Level 0 Garrison. Each corporation can only have one garrison.

Garrisons serve as the base of operations for each corporation.

Destroying and defending garrisons are the goals for Alliance vs Alliance PVP, utilizing the Garrison Engagements system.

Garrison Levels can be upgraded through the Research system by donating Resources.

There are 17 levels (0, I, II ... XIV, XV, XIV) available for garrisons. By upgrading a garrison's level it:

  • Increases the number of perk points available for Technology bonuses
  • Improves the defensive capabilities of the garrison

When a garrison is deployed, Corp Jump can be used to jump to it immediately. Corp Jump costs 2 Black Dollars.

  • If a garrison is not deployed and you are in an Alliance, you will instead jump to your Alliance Planet.
  • If you are not in an Alliance and your garrison is not deployed, the Corp Jump will fail.

Garrisons can be deployed and recalled by using the :deploygarrison and :recallgarrison Chat Commands, respectively.

  • It costs $10,000 credits per Garrison Level to deploy a garrison. *Note: Rank 0 counts as 1 level
  • Garrisons can be deployed adjacent to friendly alliance garrisons
  • Garrisons cannot be deployed adjacent to enemy garrisons. A buffer of two connected sectors is required.
  • Credits are not returned when a garrison is recalled.

A single garrison by itself cannot stop enemy movement through it. However, if two garrisons from the same Alliance are placed next to each other, movement through the second one will be blocked. Alliances can cluster up to 8 garrisons to protect their Planets from attack.

Garrisons sectors are considered to be fairly safe, but not 100% so. The first garrison sector in an alliance cluster is particularly vulnerable to attack.


A cluster of four garrisons protecting an alliance planet.