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Grapple allows a player to control the movement of an NPC or an enemy player's Ship. When a player or NPC has been grappled by an enemy ship, his ship's tile will appear yellow. A player can drag a grappled ship by jumping to a connected sector.

  • Chance to GRAPPLE anything on any damage (splash included)
  • Moving to another sector will drag grappled targets there as well
  • Dragging will cancel pending Earth Jumps, Corp Jumps, and Rift Jumps
  • A Ship or NPC can only be dragged from a sector to a like sector
    • Grey sector to Grey sector
    • Black sector to Black Sector
    • Invasion sector to Invasion Sector
  • A Ship cannot be dragged onto or off of a Garrison or Planet

Grapple Chance and Resist

When a player attacks and successfully hits or grazes the target, there is a random dice roll to determine whether the attack will result in a Grapple. The Range of the dice roll is from 1 to the Target's Grapple Resist plus 100. If the result of the roll is less than the Attacker's Grapple Chance, then the Target will be stunned. The Chance to Stun formula (assuming Hit or Graze) is defined as:

  • C = Attacker's Grapple Chance
  • R = Target's Grapple Resist

Chance to Grapple = C / (100+R)

Grapple Mechanics

When a player successfully Grapples an enemy Ship and drags it to the next sector, a few things happen:

  • The target's Corp Jump, Earth Jump or Rift Jump command is canceled.
  • The target's movement cooldown is set to 5 seconds. (note that this undoes the effect of Stun)
  • If the player who grappled the enemy manually jumps to a connected sector, his follow is suspended and he must refollow the target.
  • If the player who grappled the enemy follows another ship to a connected sector and drags the enemy ship with him, his follow is not broken or suspended.

Counters to Grapple

The following events will break a Ship from an enemy's Grapple

  • Repair by allied Ship equipped with a Technician Specials.
    • Note: a Technician does not require metals in order to break Grapple.
  • Blackdollar Heal
  • Repair by Repair Drone
  • Manually jumping to a connected sector

De-Grapple Experience

Players using Technician Specials earn experience for de-grappling friendly targets.

The formula is: XP = 6 + NPC_LEVEL * 2


  • WEAK = 0;
  • NORMAL = 1;
  • ELITE = 2;
  • BOSS = 3;
  • DREAD = 4;