Grey farming

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Grey Sectors

NOTE: This article is an updated version of the obsolete Legacy account system.

Once a player reaches level 15, they can no longer get resource or item drops in Grey Sectors. However, players are allowed to make multiple accounts, and SOME of those accounts are allowed to farm grey.

Due to the possibility of abuse and a few incidences of rampant botting, the number of accounts that players can farm Grey Sectors with has been limited.

Grey sector farming rules only affect resource drops and item drops. It does not affect experience.

  • Alt accounts that can no longer farm Grey Sectors will need to be supported financially by main accounts.

The same rules are applied to each PERSON (not just "an account") when it comes to grey sector farming. Every PERSON has the same limitations and restrictions. The server looks at:

  • IP Addresses
  • Device identification
    • Sharing devices with another person will limit how much you can farm grey
  • Associations between accounts
    • Account Sharing (don't do it!) with another person will limit how much you can farm grey significantly

Links and connections due to device and account sharing CANNOT be removed.

The restrictions are based on:

  • number of existing accounts
  • total number of levels (between 0 and 15) earned across all accounts
    • Most players should be able to earn approximately 45 total levels of grey farming (or about 1 million XP)

Hardcore Mode accounts do not count against you and are not affected by grey farming rules.