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To play as a Hardcore Mode player, you must create a NEW account and select the Hardcore Mode flag!
Flagging a new account as Hardcore

Existing accounts cannot be flagged as Hardcore, nor can Hardcore accounts be flagged as Normal accounts.

When you die, you lose (almost) everything.

Hardcore mode is very challenging and extremely competitive. It is not designed for players who are easily upset and frustrated.

Being a successful hardcore player requires having a solid support system.

Hardcore Death Penalties

  • 20% durability loss on all equipped items.
  • All Inventory and equipped items are dumped into the current sector when a hardcore account dies
    • When a Hardcore Mode player is killed, all NO DROP items are stolen and have 1% durability
  • The ship currently being used is destroyed.
  • All experience is lost and the account is reset to Level 0.
  • Dying removes all experience earned for that day's Hardcore Leaderboard attempt.
  • When a ship is destroyed, the player is sent to a random sector.
  • Credits, Black Dollars, banked items, and unequipped ships ARE NOT lost.

Hardcore Account Penalties

  • Hardcore accounts are PVP-flagged everywhere, even in Grey Sectors and at Earth.
  • Hardcore ships are always visible on the map. Everyone can see hardcore accounts at all times.
  • Hardcore ships remain logged into the game for 6 hours after the account has been logged out.
    • If a hardcore account logs off anywhere but at a friendly corporation, his ship will most likely be destroyed while he is offline.
  • Corp Jump/Earth Jump only works once per day for Hardcore Players, and only if they have a Garrison or Planet to jump to.
  • Hardcore accounts do not earn experience from harvesting asteroids or by completing achievements.
  • Hardcore ships do not earn free ship upgrades (levels 1-15) like normal accounts do
  • Hardcore players do not earn Black Dollars for anniversary levels.
  • Hardcore players cannot equip down to lower ship classes.

Hardcore Account Rewards

  • Hardcore accounts earn experience 400% faster than normal accounts.
    • MindSurge doubles the hardcore experience bonus.
  • Hardcore accounts do not suffer from experience gains diminishing returns and therefore do not have a (soft) level cap.
  • Hardcore accounts are eligible for daily Hardcore Rewards.

Hardcore Rewards Leaderboard

  • Top 10 Prizes awarded for daily Experience earned (not total experience earned)
    • The :HC chat command displays when the day's Hardcore Rewards competition will end.
    •  :HC RANK shows the current top 15 competitors for the day.
    •  :HC LAST shows the previous day's winners.
  • Each Top 10 winner receives a free (mostly-random) item.
  • Hardcore players who rank three times in the Top 10 earn Tech I Computers
    • Players do not have to place in the Top 10 for back-to-back days.
    • This may be earned multiple times, and ranking doesn't matter.
  • All daily Experience Earned is reset to 0 every prize cycle.

The Strategy

You're not going to have any success soloing Hardcore mode, so don't bother trying. Grouping with friends and multiboxing are viable, if not necessary strategies.

If your mobile connection sucks and you disconnect sometimes, Hardcore Mode is not for you.

Having a well-protected Alliance cluster is mandatory. To win, you'll need to work with your Alliance to form a powerful defensive strategy that protects Hardcore members, as well as an aggressive offensive that knocks the competition off the charts.

The Warning

Hardcore mode is intentionally difficult and extremely challenging. It has been designed to kill players.

Equip your Hardcore accounts with valuable gear at your own risk and peril.

The Infinite Black moderators and game administrators cannot and will not provide customer support for hardcore accounts. This includes dying from internet connection problems, bugs, a phone call, or your wife accidentally logging into your account.

The Infinite Black staff will not help you or replace anything. Ever. Don't ask, or they'll delete your account and force you to play regular mode where you belong.

If you don't agree to The Warning, DO NOT play Hardcore Mode.