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Light Core Drill (LCD-V#)
Heavy Excavator (HX-V#)
Wyrd Propogator (WP-V#)
Deep Core Drill (DCD-V#)

Harvesters increase asteroid harvesting efficiency and provide some minor stat bonuses. There are 12 versions of each class of Harvester. Each version offers different minor stat bonuses.

Harvesters can only be acquired as loot drops, Hardcore Mode rewards, or bought from other players on the Auction House.

Harvesters can be used by any Ship.

Harvester Class and Harvest Capacity

Harvest Capacity is the amount of resources a harvester can extract from an asteroid per tap/click.

There are four classes of Harvesters:

  • LCD - Light Core Drill - Harvest Capacity 2
  • HX - Heavy Excavator - Harvest Capacity 3
  • WP - Wyrd Propagator - Harvest Capacity 4
  • DCD - Deep Core Drill - Harvest Capacity 5

Harvester Rarity and Harvest Speed

As the Item Rarity of a harvester increases, the Harvest Speed cooldown decreases

  • (85 seconds - (5 seconds x Rarity)) = Harvest Speed

The Harvest Speed cooldown can be halved by purchasing Accelerate on The Black Dollar Menu.

Harvesters and EquipPoints

  • The larger the Harvest Capacity, the larger the harvester size, in terms of EquipPoints (EP).
  • The EP size of harvesters (as modified by rarity) follows a different pattern than other items.
    • The only 0 EP Harvesters are: Legendary, Precursor, and Ultimate LCD-V#s and Ultimate HX-V#

A full list of harvesters can be viewed by accessing the Web Tools website.

Harvesters and Engineering

Harvesters can only be Augmented or Repaired with Engineering. The version of harvesters cannot be changed.