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Harvesting Introduction

Asteroids are harvested by tapping or clicking on them.

Harvesting an asteroid has a chance of depleting it, which reduces it size.

When "Small" asteroids are depleted, they are destroyed.

After an asteroid is harvested by a ship, there is a cooldown before that ship can harvest again. The cooldown timer is determined by the Item Rarity of equipped Harvesters. The cooldown can be halved by using Accelerate purchased on The Black Dollar Menu.

The amount of resources harvested is determined by the class of the Harvesters (LCD < HX < WP < DCD).

The amount of experience earned is determined by the asteroid size, location (Rift vs Normal Space), type, Experience Gain bonus on items, Prospector Special, and some randomization.

Harvesting Information for Nerds

Many players assume that asteroids grow in size over time, but this isn't the case, per se.

There is a static number of asteroids in the galaxy.

  • When an asteroid is depleted and decreased in size, a random asteroid of the same type grows in size.
  • When a small asteroid is destroyed, a new one of the same type spawns in a random location.