Heteroclite (Lore)

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Homoclite Traits


  • Average Length: 30 – 50 meters (same as Heteroclite)
  • Average Weight: 150 to 250 tons (175 to 300 tons as Heteroclite)
  • Size: Enormous

Heteroclite Traits


  • Average Length: 30 – 50 meters
  • Average Weight: 175 to 300 tons
  • Size: Enormous

Biology and Ecology

Little is known about the ecology of the mysterious species known as the Homoclites. Homoclites live in open space and move in large herds that mimic the cetaceans of lost Earth. It was in reference to them that corporation scientists refer to groups of Homoclites as pods. The average pod size is currently recorded to be close to fifty. Individual encounters are virtually unheard of.

Pod social structures seem to be almost nonexistent. Observations theorize that Homoclites operate on a "hive-mind"-like ability which allows them to function as one unit. As a pod, Homoclites have little or no regard for the individual. Everything is done for the good of the pod. Ego and self-absorption do not factor into the equation whatsoever.

Homoclites are recorded as being mostly docile creatures. Pods become aggressive only if the pod is threatened. Pods will usually flee from an area if a threat can be avoided. However, if threat persists, pods will attack with an organized "swarm" technique that is usually enough to overpower even the largest of vessels.

Homoclites were not considered a dangerous species until the Wyrd introduced a techno-organic virus that turned most of the species into Heteroclites. Homoclites, in the past, were a navigation hazard. Pods only attacked ships that would stray too close to their young. Homoclite sightings are becoming increasingly rare since the introduction of the Wyrd virus.

In appearance, Homoclites resemble organic long ships with flukes and tails instead of propulsion systems. It is believed that they somehow harness solar wind currents to travel between the systems.

Once transformed into Heteroclites by the Wyrd virus, homoclites gain mass due to the organo-metallic armor that grows on their hide and the bio-organic weaponry that emerges from their heads and flukes.


Observations have failed to note any significant sign of distinct personalities among the Homoclites. It is theorized that their hive-mind aspect dominates all chances of individuals developing unique personalities. There is no distinction between Homoclite and Heteroclite personalities with the exception of the ultra-heightened aggressiveness.

Adaptation of Technology

It is surmised that the Wyrd introduced the techno-organic virus to turn Homoclites into weapons to use against the Humans. However, the Wyrd were not aware of the Homoclite hive-mind, or believed they could control it. The Heteroclites resisted control, and now the Heteroclites are just as big of a threat to the Wyrd as the Humans. Ironically, human ingenuity has allowed them to effectively harvest, transplant, and integrate Heteroclite organs into their ships.