Humans (Lore)

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Human Racial Traits


  • Average Height: 5´ 6˝–6´ 2˝
  • Average Weight: 135–220 lb.
  • Size: Medium

Ecology and Biology

Originally from the planet Earth in the Sol system, humans were forced to flee their home after massive over-pollution and over-exploitation of natural resources. The resulting environmental collapse left Earth barren and uninhabitable. The Corporations took those who were loyal to them and left, leaving the rest of humanity to fend for themselves. Billions died with the planet, but millions more took to the stars in rag-tag fleets of scavenged ships and shuttles. These survivors became the first of the Pirate Fleets that still roam the space-lanes today.

Humans who were transported to other planets adapted to their new surroundings, be it the massive space stations that many corporations used as headquarters or the recently terraformed planets that would serve as replacement home-worlds. Differing greatly in both environments and gravity, many new “colonial” humans have begun to demonstrate unusual adaptations. As these new traits become genetic in future generations, it will be interesting to see the various directions in which humanity will evolve.

All humans breathe an oxygen based atmosphere and are carbon based. Humans give birth to their offspring after a gestation period of nine months. Some corporations have been augmenting their already vast military assets by the addition of vat-grown clones. These clones are to be used as cannon fodder during planetary invasions. Vat-grown soldiers know only battle, feel no pain, unable to understand fear and are created specifically for war. Physical descriptions vary. Individuals can have hair color ranging from red, blonde, black and brown to more exotic colors that may or may not be natural. Variations above and below the norms on height and weight are not unusual nor are widely deferring body types. The use of the word “average” when dealing with humans is somewhat deceptive, leaving much conjecture about its use.

Behavior and Personality

Human personalities run the gamut from kind to cruel, friendly to fierce, generous to greedy and every other extreme. Different backgrounds and different cultures produce a wide variety of aspects of the human culture. For the Corporations, the motivating factor was greed. Everything has a price tag, pure and simple. Greed destroyed the human home world and drove them into the stars.

Since reaching the stars, humans have begun to adapt to the different requirements of life on new worlds. Attitudes have somewhat changed since the early space-faring days, but the core values of the Corporations have changed very little. Espionage and spying are normal when dealing with corporate adversaries. In fact, Corporate Law requires it. Caution and care should be taken when dealing with humans working for any of the Corporations as deceit and corruption are a way of life.

Corporate Culture and Piracy

Observation of the personalities of "corporate" versus "pirate" humans leaves little distinction. Both are out to acquire personal wealth above all else. Both are capable of great cruelty in the pursuit of such goals. The only difference between the two is their behavior.

While corporate humans have the pretense of civilization, pirate humans have long given up the social niceties. Pirates can at least be called the more honest of the two because they make no attempt to hide their motivations.

Pirate clans have strong family bonds which govern their laws. Family based values have created an "all for one and one for all" mentality that is strictly prohibited in the corporate world. The clans have their own codes of honor that they live by. Sufficient knowledge of their code is required for communication to be possible. Certain characteristics of this code are universal among the pirate clans while others are unique to each clan. Caution should be exercised by anyone who attempts to bargain with them based on Pirate Code. Successful negotiations with pirate clans yield high profit margins with hard to come by goods/services.

No such code of honor exists in the corporate world. All profit is ultimately destined for the corporate boards of directors. There is only one exception to this rule. Entire generations of families have been born and raised in the service of individual corporations. This has produced a warrior's code of honor among the clans. Corporations have organized their military and based their structure from historical militaries of Lost Earth's past. For example, The Fabretti Interplanetary Mining and Colonial Consortium's military units style themselves off of the old Earth Roman Legion. The Fabretti use Roman rank structures and codes of honor to govern the home and battle.