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Heteroclite, Wyrd, and Pirate invasions

When an invasion occurs, randomly-selected connected sectors on the map become populated by groups of stronger NPCs.

Invasions are intended for groups of players. They typically are not safe for solo players to fight in.

Invasions are marked as Invasion Sectors on the map.

  • Invasion NPCs cannot leave their invasion sectors
  • Regular NPCs can enter invasion sectors, but will try to leave them.

There are six invasion strength levels for invasions in both normal space and The Rift.

  • The relative strength of the invasion is announced when the invasion spawns
  • Defeating invasions of a certain strength will increase the chance of new ones of the same strength spawning.
  • The best way to get new invasions to spawn is to clear out existing invasions.

The strength level determines the difficulty of the NPCs in the invasion and the quantity and rank of Stationary Bosses.

  • Weak (Stationary Bosses only)
  • Normal
  • Elite
  • Boss
  • Dread

Stationary Bosses are the most powerful type of NPCs in the game, and have guaranteed item drops.

  • Pirate Stronghold
  • Wyrd Seed World
  • Heteroclite Hive

Boss and Dread stationary bosses in The Rift have an exceptionally large chance of dropping Legendary, Precursor, and Ultimate rarity items.

If an player is caught inside a newly-spawned invasion, they have 30 seconds to leave the area before the NPCs start attacking.

When an Invasion is completely defeated, Black Dollars will drop in those sectors as an additional reward.

Invasion Sectors, especially in The Rift, are the most dangerous areas in The Infinite Black, and are not meant for solo players!