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An item's rarity represents its overall quality. The higher the rarity, the better the stats it will have and the more powerful it will be. There are seven item rarities.

As an item of any given type increases in rarity, its overall size will also decrease, giving you "more bang for your buck." However, an item's overall size cannot go below 0.

Items are color-coded based on Rarity. Items also have level restrictions based on their rarity.

You can increase an item's rarity using Engineering.

Item Rarities

  • Common Items
    • Colored Grey
    • Usable by all players (Level 0 requirement)
    • Entry-level newbie gear
    • Common items should be considered disposable by new players. Don't worry about dying or losing them to durability loss!
    • They cannot be sold on the player Auction House.
    • They cannot be used in Engineering.
    • Common Item Rank = Item EquipPoints Size
  • Uncommon Items
    • Colored green
    • Usable at level 5
    • Can be found in multitudes and cheaply on the Auction House.
    • Can be manipulated using Engineering.
    • Uncommon Item Rank - 1 = Item EquipPoints Size
  • Rare Items
    • Colored blue
    • Usable at level 10
    • Rare Item Rank - 2 = Item EquipPoints Size
  • Ultra-Rare Items
    • Colored purple
    • Usable at level 15
    • Ultra-Rare Item Rank - 3 = Item EquipPoints Size
  • Legendary Items
    • Colored gold
    • Usable at level 20
    • Legendary items Rank - 4 = Item EquipPoints Size
  • Precursor Artifacts
    • Created by powerful aliens that existed long before humans
    • Colored red
    • Usable at level 25
    • Precursor Artifacts Rank - 5 = Item EquipPoints Size
  • Ultimate Items
    • The final equipment tier in The Infinite Black
    • These items are extraordinarily powerful and can only obtained by fighting the most difficult opponents in The Rift
    • Colored silver
    • Usable at level 30
    • Ultimate Items Rank - 6 = Item EquipPoints Size