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The Jump Button and map coordinates

The Jump Button is how you move around The Map and Game World in The Infinite Black.

After selecting a sector on the map, players can tap Go! to move towards that location.

On the Android Client, the Jump Button is color-coded to give feedback about its current state.

  • Light Blue - Jump Ready - you are free to jump to a new sector
  • Dark Blue - Jump has initiated, but movement is on cooldown. No new sector is selected.
  • Yellow - Go! - A sector on the map is selected, and you are free to start jumping to it.
  • Dark Yellow - Jump has initiated, but movement is on cooldown. A distant sector waypoint is selected.
  • Purple - Follow Mode - by long-pressing on an enemy, you can initiate Follow Mode which lets you auto-follow the target around as it moves.

On the Android Client players can also set WayPoints by long-pressing on the Jump Button. An interface will appear where players can:

  • Select an existing WayPoint location
    • Earth (40/40) is pre-set
  • Mark and Name the current sector as a WayPoint
  • Create a New Waypoint for another location