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Welcome to the The Infinite Black™ Wiki! This site is the centralized resource for all things TIB™ related! To use the site, simply click on any of the links on the left-side menu or use the Search feature to find what you're looking for.


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Latest News

Heroes of Dire Kickstarter

From April 27th to May 27th we are running a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for our upcoming game, Heroes of Dire (HOD)!

And what is a Kickstarter without Rewards? We're going to make it rain!

If you pledge to the Kickstarter project, we will not only give you a TON of rewards for HOD, but also reward in you The Infinite Black!

If you make a pledge to Heroes of Dire through, we will give you 2.5X BlackDollars, RP, and Skulls! Some tiers will also reward you with Limited Edition Holds!

Please read this post for more details: Heroes of Dire Kickstarter Information

Featured Player Tutorial

Medzter's Tutorials

Medtzer has been working on a series of video tutorial that contain a wealth of information covering many topics. We recommend newer players take a look!

Android Updates

v0.9.4c (Unity/TIB v2.0)

  • Many performance improvements
  • More chat dialog improvements
  • Fixed bug with non-responsive chat buttons
  • Fixed Escape, Home and Settings button bindings
  • Correctly sorting entity list (Carriers at the top)
  • Greatly improved player directory
  • Corp directory now lists players by rank
  • Alliance directory now lists players by corp and rank in corp
  • Smooth scrolling
  • A 'scroll lock' feature.
  • When 'unlocked' and not scrolling through the chat log, the current chat channel will automatically scroll to the bottom when new chats arrive.
  • When 'locked' the scroll view will maintain its current position in the log even as new chats come in
  • Huge performance increase and reduction in memory of the chat system
  • Fixed the 'Reply' button, it should now work as expected

Other improvements in this version include

  • Back / Menu button support added for Android
  • On desktop versions:
  • The 'Escape' key will close all currently open dialogs or open the system dialog if no dialog is currently open
  • The 'Home' key will close any open dialogs and open the system dialog

iOS Updates


  • Fixed text wrapping in chat.
  • Fixed "blending" of chat input under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed missing or dark "Done" buttons in navigation bars.
  • Fixed layout glitch in trade window.


  • Native iOS 7 support.
  • Much improved performance.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Updated Special gear!
  • Reliability improvements.


  • Continued performance improvements, especially in fleet activity.
  • Fixed bug where several items could show up as (null) in chat.
  • Improved refresh of in-sector ships and items when moving.


  • Spellbook rebranding!
  • Performance and stability improvements.