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Heroes of Dire Kickstarter Successful! -- 5/27/16

Thank you everyone who backed our project! Your support means a great deal to us.

We look forward to making another game you guys will love and play for years!

Heroes of Dire Kickstarter -- 4/26/16

From April 27th to May 27th we are running a crowdfunding project on Kickstarter for our upcoming game, Heroes of Dire (HOD)!

And what is a Kickstarter without Rewards? We're going to make it rain!

If you pledge to the Kickstarter project, we will not only give you a TON of rewards for HOD, but also reward you in The Infinite Black!

If you make a pledge to Heroes of Dire through, we will give you 2.5X BlackDollars, RP, and Skulls! Some tiers will also reward you with Limited Edition Holds!

Please read this post for more details:

Heroes of Dire Kickstarter Information (forums)

Heroes of Dire Website

Heroes of Dire Kickstarter Project

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Medzter's YouTube video tutorials contain a wealth of information covering many topics. We recommend newer players take a look!



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