Map Visibility

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Your equipment, location, and :HIDE status and your enemies' equipment, location, and Garrison Technology affect whether other players can see your location on the map.

NOTE: The locations of Hardcore ships are always displayed on the map for all players.

Players in Your Corporation

Players in your Corporation can see your location if:

Players in Your Alliance

Players in your Alliance can see your location if:

Neutral Ships

Neutral Ships are ships that are not in your alliance that are PvP-UnFlagged. Neutral ships can see your location if:

  • You are PvP-UnFlagged, AND
  • Your :Hide status is set to VISIBLE

Enemy Ships

Enemy Ships are ships outside your alliance that are PvP-Flagged. Enemies can see your location if:

All Ships

Your location is visible on the map to all players when

  • Your ship is a Hardcore ship
  • Your location has been revealed by another player using the :SHOW command