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Six mines deployed at a garrison

Mines are purchasable on The Black Dollar Menu

  • Mines are deployable objects that deal damage over time to enemy players in the sector.
  • Mines cannot be attacked.
  • Buying new mines will first try to repair friendly mines in the current sector.
  • Only 6 mines can be placed in a sector.
  • Mines damage between 2.5% and 5% of a target's maximum hull.
  • Mines hit 3 targets per detonation, including Fighters and Repair Drones.
  • Each detonation occurs every 9 seconds.
    • Each detonation has a 50% chance to reduce a mine's health by 1%.
  • Mines will NOT hit or be attacked by NPCs or defense units
  • Mines do not need to be repaired to :RECALL -- 1 Hull = 1 Black Dollar, however the recall costs 5 BlackDollars