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PVP is short for "Player vs Player."

The Infinite Black is built around balanced PVP engagements between small groups of players.

That being said, 1 vs 1 fights and huge Fleet vs Fleet battles are commonplace.

Alliances and Corporations form the basic social structure of PVP.

  • Alliances are groups of Corporations.
  • All members of an Alliance are friendly with one another, and enemies to all members of other Alliances.

Garrison Engagements are the basis for structured Alliance vs Alliance PVP.

  • Groups of 15 attackers try to destroy Garrisons owned by competing Alliances.
  • Up to 10 defenders try to stop the attackers from destroying their Garrisons.

When defeating enemies in fair fights, players earn Combat Points.

  • Combat Points can be traded in for rare and powerful equipment and ships

Players also gain or lose PVP Rating when engaging in PVP combat.

  • PVP Ratings can be used to indicate a player's prowess at PVP
  • PVP Ratings decay over time, so it's important to be engage in PVP frequently to maintain ratings.
  • The PVP Rating system offers no bonuses or penalties, it is entirely there for bragging rights.