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PvP Rating Introduction

The PvP Rating system evaluates the relative PvP strength of Players, Corporations, and Alliances. PvP Ratings can be accessed through the Leaderboard Web Tools site.

It measures which players and groups of players are better PvPers over a long period of time.

PvP ratings decay over time, so maintaining a PvP Rating requires players to be active (and successful) in PvP.

There are no bonuses, penalties, or rewards for PvP ratings. It only exists for statistical purposes and bragging rights.

PvP Rating Details


  • For a kill to count, the target must be in a Dreadnaught or larger ship and Uncommon+ gear must take durability damage
  • KillerRating equals the average rating of all players friendly to the person making the killing shot
  • DefenderRating equals the average rating of all players friendly to the person who died
  • BattleSize equals the total count of all players present
  • Imbalance equals the KillerCount - DefenderCount, Minimum Value Zero

- kValue is the maximum number of points possible for the kill event

Formula: kValue = 8 + BattleSize - Imbalance * 2

  • The maximum amount of points possible for a kill (kValue) diminishes as Imbalance grows.
  • If the fight is too imbalanced (EX: 10 vs 3), then no points will be possible
  • kValue is doubled in Garrison Engagements
  • kValue caps out at 128 points max

If a fight is perfectly even comparing KillerRating to DefenderRating, the killers will earn 50% of kValue and defenders will lose 50% of kValue.

If the KillerRating is significantly lower than DefenderRating, the killers may earn up to 100% of kValue.

PvP Ratings decay at 0.5% a day, down to a rating of 1200.