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Earth is a neutral planet located in the middle of the map.

Earth has several limitations and is easily surpassed in functionality by Alliance Planets.

Players can Earth Jump by long-pressing the icon located next to their ship. This ability transports them to Earth quickly and costs 2 Black Dollars.

Alliance Planets

Alliances get one planet each. Every newly-created alliance gets a Dead World.

Leaders in the corporation that controls the alliance is responsible for deploying and recalling the planet using the :DeployPlanet and :RecallPlanet chat commands, respectively.

  • It costs $20,000 credits per level to deploy a planet.
  • If a planet is recalled, the credits are not refunded.

When a planet is deployed, members of the Alliance gain access to Engineering, Terraforming, and the Ship Factory.

Terraforming a planet upgrades its levels, and unlocks new ships for alliance members to buy at the ship factory.

Planetary engineering allows players to upgrade and repair items they find inside the game using Black Dollars. Engineering is the same on all planets, and there are no benefits to having a higher planet level.

Planets can take part in Garrison Engagements.

If a player in an alliance Corp Jumps when his garrison is not deployed, he will be transported to his alliance planet instead.