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Using an Emulator to play The Infinite Black is no longer necessary. Download the PC, Mac, and Linux clients from


  • Written by bas2754
  • KNOWN PROBLEMS: This will not work under Virtualbox while running on a system with an AMD based processor. That is not to say it won't work on your system, but my testing on AMD based systems failed. It seems to work properly on an Intel based system.
  • EXAMPLE SYSTEM: The example system I am using to go through the setup is an Intel based Core 2 Extreme X9100 processor with 4GB of RAM running Windows 7 x64.
  • CREDITS: To The-One for keeping the raw APK direct download link updated and for the preconfigured VM provided in his Guide in the Wiki.


  • Assumes you have installed Ubuntu Linux already and you can find your way around with basic file moving, folder creation, and browsing tasks
  • If something doesn't make sense let me know so I can fix it (tried to include those that were needed to make sense)
  • In this setup we are using a 4.01 ICS image with Seemless Mouse support which means you don't have to tell the VM to *release* the mouse when you need to use your computer
  • Yes, I know the screenshots of downloading the APK to the emulator are from a Windows Virtualbox running ICS, however the exact same steps applies either way. If you REALLY want to see these screenshots done using Ubuntu, PM me and I will make it happen just for you.

Assumes you have already installed Ubuntu Linux. If you need assistance with that, please PM me preferably in forums not in game. I am using version 12.04 of the Ubuntu software.


1. Click on the Ubuntu Software Center

2. In the software center screen search box, type Virtual Box. Click Install next the Virtual Box package to install the software to your system.

3. Once the software is installed, open up a web browser (normally Firefox on default install) and go to the following url and download the virtual box image of ics:

4. Change the Dialog to Save the File instead of Opening it and click OK.

5. While it is downloading, click on Dash Home from the Ubuntu Menu

6. Type Terminal in the Search box and click on the Terminal shortcut to start a Terminal Session

7. In the Terminal screen type sudo apt-get install p7zip and press Enter. If prompted for your password, type it in and press Enter.

8. Now create a Folder on your Desktop or in your Home folder and copy the downloaded file to that folder. Again if you need assistance, PM me in forums please.

9. Now go to that folder where the downloaded file is in the Terminal Window extract the files by using the command: p7zip -d Android-v4.7z

10. Now browse to the folder you extracted the file too and you should see a folder called Android-v4. Open that folder and you should see several files. Double click on the Android-v4.vbox file (it has a blue icon)

11. Virtualbox should start up, now click the Start icon on the menu bar of Virtualbox.

12. The system should now kick of the Android Virtual Machine

13. Once you click start, you may get a series of messages similar to the one below, just click OK to move through them for now.

14. Once the Virtual Machine is up and running, drag the Lock up to the left by clicking on the Lock and holding down the left mouse button. As you do, a circle will appear. Once you have moved outside of that circle let off of the mouse button and the android screen will unlock.

15. Now in the top right of the screen, left click on the 6 squares that are shown.

16. Click on Apps (should be selected already) and then click on Browser

17. Once the browser comes up, click in the Address bar and type in I just clicked in the address bar and deleted what was there and typed in the new address and then press Enter.

18. Once the site comes up, click on General Discussion and then click on the post titled Latest APK for direct download. Once that opens up, click on the link to download the latest APK.

19. This will take you to another site to download the file. Click on the green Download button.

20. On the bottom right of the VM, click on the arrow pointing down to open your Downloads

21. Click on theinfiniteblack.client.apk file.

22. You will get a screen saying that the Install blocked. Click on Settings.

23. Scroll down to where you see Unknown sources and click the box next to it to put a check in it. Click OK on the warning that comes up.

24. Now click the Home button on the Android Menu to go back to the Home screen.

25. On the top right click on the Menu button again (six squares) the same as Step 44

26. Click on Downloads

27. In the list that comes up, click on the Infiniteblack.client.apk and on the screen that comes up next click Install.

28. Once installed, click Open and have fun!