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Using an Emulator to play The Infinite Black is no longer necessary. Download the PC, Mac, and Linux clients from

  • Written by GranD
  • Step 1: Head over to the official Oracle VM VirtualBox site and download the relevant VirtualBox binary for your computers operating system (Windows/Mac OS X/Linux/Solaris).
  • Step 2: Find the saved location of the downloaded VirtualBox binary and install as you would with any other native application making sure to follow all on screen prompts and instructions.
  • Step 3: Head on over to the VMLite website and download a copy of the Ice Cream Sandwich which has been preconfigured for virtualization and features seamless mouse support for navigation. The download weighs in at 88MB in size so may take a while to download depending on your connection.
  • Step 4: Locate the downloaded ‘Android-v4.7z‘ file and extract the contents from within. (You will need an extraction application)
  • Step 5: Once the Android-v4.7z file has been opened, locate a file from within the archive called ‘Android-v4.vbox‘ which as you can tell by the file extension is a pre configured VirtualBox file.
  • Step 6: Double click on the Android-v4.vbox file which will load the VirtualBox
  • Step 7: When the boot menu is presented in VirtualBox, press ‘start‘ on the top toolbar and then if required select the ‘Android Startup from /dev/sda‘ option.
  • Step 8: Once it's up and running, unlock it by dragging the lock up to the far left.
  • Step 9: There will be six boxes on the top left. Click on it and use the web browser.
  • Step 10: Go to The Infinite Black forums and go to General Discussion. Click on the post "Latest APK for direct download emulators" and click on the link that's provided.
  • Step 11: Click on the green download bar and start the download.
  • Step 12: There should be a download task manager on the bottom-right of the screen. Once the download is finished, click on it and then click on theinfiniteblack.client.apk file.
  • Step 13: There will be a notification that says 'Install Blocked'. Click Settings, and check the box next to 'Uknown Sources'.
  • Step 14: Once the installation of TIB is finished, click Home on the bottom-left and go back to the menu on the upper-right. Click 'Downloads' and click The Infinite Black. Enjoy.