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=Prospector [[Special]]=
* Fits into the [[Specials]] [[item type]] slot
* Fits into the [[Specials]] [[item type]] slot
* Generates additional [[Asteroid]] harvest opportunities
* Generates additional [[Asteroid]] harvest opportunities

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  • Fits into the Specials item type slot
  • Generates additional Asteroid harvest opportunities
  • Multiplies the XP Gain from harvesting Asteroids
  • Higher Rarity increases the chance to not deplete an Asteroid on harvest
  • Has a percent-chance of giving bonus resource drops from NPC kills
  • Higher Rarity increases the chance of bonus resource drops
    • In order to reap the rewards from the Prospector's Resource Drop Bonus, the player with the Prospector equipped must strike the final blow that destroys the NPC
    • All allies in the sector will experience an increase in resources earned
    • The amount of the bonus does not increase with the Rarity of the Prospector
  • Costs 16 Reward Points to purchase an Uncommon rarity version