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Your Mission

The Infinite Black is about power: money, territory, and the ability to destroy others. It’s up to you to decide how acquire power. Do you want to band together with other players and defend the empire you’ve claimed? Do you want to be a lifelong privateer, skirmishing and trading along the fringes of space, friend to everyone and ally to no one? Or do you prefer deception and subterfuge, gaining reputation with a powerful corporation only to undermine their interests and leave them shaking their fists as you fly away with their treasures?

Your mission is power. How you achieve it is up to you.

Your Ship

Your Ship ios.jpg

Your name, corporation, alliance, and armor strength (health), respectively, appear along the right side of your ship display.

Corporations (or "corps") are groups of players formed for mutual benefit. Joining a corp may be a huge help to you, but choose wisely; each corp has a different culture and expectations of you. You may leave a corp at any time by typing ":leave".

Alliances are groups of corporations led by the founding corp. Alliances can achieve larger goals than corps. There is strength in numbers.

All players start at level 0.1 as privateers (no corporation, no alliance). Once you reach level 0.5, you are eligible to join a corp and will probably start receiving invitations. You can block invitations, if desired, using the Menu/Settings screen.

Your Wallet

Across the top of the screen is a display of your money and resources.

Resource Bar ios.jpg

Money comes in two currencies: Credits and Black Dollars. Credits are the standard currency earned from gameplay and spent on most items in the game.

Black Dollars are acquired inside the game as loot drops and as special rewards, as well as through in-app purchase. Black Dollars can be spent on special ships, items, and bonuses by tapping the Black Dollar on the left side of your screen:

Shop ios.png

Resources, from left to right, are: Organics, Gas, Metals, Radioactives, and Dark Matter. For most of the game, Metals are the most important resource because they can be used to repair (by long-pressing) your own ship and your allies’. The other resources can be sold to Starports for credits or contributed to your corp or alliance’s Research & Terraforming efforts.


Space ios.jpg

Space is divided into SECTORS(each octagonal icon is a sector).

Sectors are connected by fixed paths displayed as blue lines. You may only travel along these paths.

Drag to scroll around the map, Press on the +/- buttons to zoom in and out.

Types of Sectors and Map Legend

Sector Type List ios.png

Blue Sectors are protected. No combat is allowed here.

Grey sectors is where small, automated pirates and aliens roam, ripe for hunting. No PvP combat is allowed here.

Unexplored Sectors have not yet been visited by you and are unknown. Be cautious when venturing into unexplored black sectors!

Black Sectors are where anything goes and makes up the majority of the universe. Other players will attack you here.

Orange Sectors mark Allied space that is owned by your corporation or your alliance. This is your home territory.

Invasion Sectors mark Invasions! Invasions happen from time to time, in which large fleets of pirates or aliens occupy swaths of space. They present a greater challenge and reward, and are not safe for new players!

Map Legend ios.png

The Sector Pointer is where you are!

Starports are neutral stations that trade in resources and ship equipment, and can repair your ship using credits.

Planets house Ship Factories. Earth is a neutral planet that serves all players and is located in the center of the map. Other planets are owned by Alliances and vary in type and capability.

Asteroids can be harvested by players for their resources. Different types of asteroids yield different types of resources.

Garrisons are erected by corporations to defend their territory and research technology. Friendly garrison sectors are colored orange, and enemy garrison sectors are red.


Plot a course by tapping a destination sector. Tap JUMP to begin movement.

Plotted course ios.jpg

Your ship can only travel one sector every few seconds, denoted by a progress bar during flight. As you upgrade your ship and its equipment, your movement speed will vary accordingly.


Interactions ios.png

On the right side of your screen is a scrollable list of all the entities in the same sector of space as you—planets, fortifications, other players, enemies, and so on.

Tap any of them, including your own ship, to see what you can do with them.

A long-press performs the default action on that entity. For enemies, that means engaging Attack and Follow mode on it. For friendlies and neutral ships, that means using the metals you’re carrying to repair it.

Be Social

Chat ios.png

Join the ongoing conversation with your fellow players! Tap the chat box icon at the top of your screen to bring up a full-screen chat console displaying all chat channels. If you become part of a corporation, your corp will have its own, private chat channel. If your corporation is part of a larger alliance, that alliance has its own chat channel, too. At level 2, you can participate in server-wide chat. At level 10, you can talk in Universe (all servers) chat!

Sometimes the conversation will be scintillating! Sometimes... not.

What Do I Do Now?

Experiment with your ship. There might be something you can equip in your inventory...

Start exploring the space around Earth.

Hunt pirates and aliens in Grey Space. You’ll automatically gather occasional loot from the kills.

Equip what you've looted on your ship, or sell it to StarPorts.

Save up for better gear, or a better ship.

All players now get free ships at levels 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20 and 30. It's recommended you save your hard-earned Credits to buy equipment instead of a better ship.

Go shopping on the Auction House or the Black Dollars store.

Rule the universe.

After you've learned the basics, check out the other Tutorials and Guides for more in-depth information about The Infinite Black. There is also a very active forum community at theinfiniteblack.com, and you are cordially invited!

Feel free to ask for help in Server chat, or send a private message to any of the in-game Moderators (Ascena, Mythra, Nurabsal)