Combat and Repairing

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A weak enemy NPC
Initiating combat by tapping on an enemy ship

Initiating combat is as easy as tapping on your screen! As you explore Grey sectors, you will come across enemy Weak NPCs to fight. They will show up on the right side of the screen, and have Red Names. To start a fight, tap on the enemy ship, and you will begin to auto-attack. You will continue attacking until your opponent dies....or, if you are very die. There are many different types of weapons in the game, and they each have different firing rates.

In Grey Sectors and Blue Sectors, other players are considered neutral targets and cannot be attacked. These players have White Names. However, in Black sectors these players are considered enemies and will be colored Red! All red players can be attacked, and will probably fight back!

When some enemies are close to dying, they will attempt to flee from you by jumping to other sectors. You can read where they went in the Chat and Private Messages Events log, and then manually follow them by jumping to that sector. Alternatively, you can initiate combat with a long-press (instead of a tap), and you will auto-attack them AND auto-follow them if they try to run away!

To cancel an auto-follow and auto-attack on a target, tap the enemy ship. Otherwise, you can also cancel Follow by manually moving your ship out of the sector.

After you defeat enemy ships in combat, you will salvage items and cargo from their ships. As long as you have enough storage room in your ship, you will automatically loot any resources and items you find. If you don't have enough room, the resources will be dumped into the sector for anyone to pick up.

NPCs and asteroids can also drop Black Dollars (BDs). Black Dollars will not be automatically looted. You need to pick them up by tapping on the BD icon that will appear under your ship.

A log of your recent combat events can be seen by long-pressing on the mini-chat area at the bottom of your game screen, or by access the Chat and Private Messages Events tab.


Repair Menu

This page discusses repairing your ship's health. Repairing Item durability is discussed in the Engineering entry. The Alliance :Repair [NAME] Chat Command is discussed in the Alliance Repairs entry.

While you are fighting enemies, you will take damage from their weapons. If your hull points reach zero, you will die. Luckily for you, there are ways to immediately repair damage done to your ship:

  • Long-press your ship to heal with metals in your storage (1 metal resource repairs 150 hull).
  • Long-press a StarPort to heal with money ($1 Credits repair 1 hull).
  • Black Dollar Repair - This feature uses 2 BlackDollars, a rare and valuable currency. Activate it by pressing the Cog icon to the left of your ship.

There are also other ways to have ship damage repaired:

  • Friends can repair you by long-pressing on your ship icon (1 of their metals repairs 150 of your hull).
  • All ships under level 5 automatically repair once a minute.
  • Terraforming Alliance Planets to Desert Worlds (or better) repair friendly ships over time.
  • Repair Drones automatically repair your hull for a small amount several times a minute.

You can also use metals in your storage to repair friendly players (like those in your Corporation), as well as your personal Fighter and Repair Drone (available from The Black Dollar Menu).