Repair Drone

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Repair Drone

Repair Drones are available for purchase from The Black Dollar Menu. They are support ships that will repair friendly targets. The repair drone's effectiveness is doubled if the owner's corporation has the Advanced Fighters and Drones Garrison Technology enabled.

Repair Drones have the following stats:

  • Maximum Hull: 1000 (2000 with Advanced Fighters and Drones Technology)
  • Repair Players: 50 hull repaired (75 damage with Advanced Drones Technology)
  • Repair Fighters and other Drones: 200 damage repaired (75 damage with Advanced Drones Technology)
  • -75% Damage Vulnerability (Attacks against Repair Drones do 1/4 normal damage)

A repair drone can be deployed at a cost of 10 Black Dollars. When a repair drone is recalled using the :Recall chat command, the owner receives a refund of 9 Black Dollars. Note: If both a Fighter and a Repair Drone are recalled at the same time, the owner will receive a refund of 19 Black Dollars.

A repair drone remains with its owner until it is either recalled or destroyed. Repair drones can be repaired using metals, using Black Dollars, or with credits at StarPorts, the same way main ships can be repaired. Death of its owner does not ensure destruction of a repair drone. This is for all accounts, including Hardcore Mode accounts.

A repair drone cannot be targeted by other players, but can be targeted by NPCs. Repair drones can take splash damage from any enemy.