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The Reward Point list

Enter the :REWARD chat command to see your Reward Point (RP) information, and the Reward List.

Items and Ships can be claimed using Reward Points.

Ship availability on any given Server is determined by Terraforming progresses on that server. New ships will become available for RPs as players upgrade their planets. Release of new ships will occur at least two weeks after the prerequisite planet has been terraformed, if not longer. The largest ships won't be unlocked for several months after the first Alliance has upgraded their planet. Currently, all ships are unlocked on all servers.

A complete list of items and their statistics can be accessed through the Web Tools site.

Earning Reward Points

  • Reward Points will be given away FREE through prizes and contests.
  • 1 Reward Point is earned for every 100 Black Dollars purchased.
  • Using Engineering Deconstruction, uncommon or higher rarity items can be traded-in for RP. The amount of RP earned is determined by the sticker price of the item.
    • $2,000 Credit Value = 0.01 RP or $20,000 Credit Value = 0.10 RP or $200,000 Credit Value = 1.00 RP

Rules & Information

  • The Infinite Black staff does not merge or transfer Reward Points between accounts under any circumstances.
  • If you have any concerns, questions, or problems -- CONTACT US FIRST!
  • Use the command :REWARD followed by the EXACT ITEM NAME, RARITY, AND RANK.
    • Example: :REWARD uncommon tank flayer
    • Example: :REWARD ultra titanium hull XV
  • Use the command :Unlock to unlock ships using Reward Points
    • Example: :UNLOCK JohnDoe Executioner

The Warning

Some players sell Reward Points for items and ships on Market Chat. Many of these players are legitimate, but there are also people who are trying to steal your hard-earned Credits and Black Dollars.

Players are solely responsible for protecting themselves from being scammed. Do not ever hand over credits, Black Dollars, and items to a stranger without getting what you're asking for first. If the person you are trading with is low level, badly geared, and/or not in a corporation, they're probably trying to scam you.

The Infinite Black staff will not babysit trades between players. Buy, sell, and trade RPs at your own risk.

If you are not comfortable with the risk of losing large amounts of credits, Black Dollars, and RPs in trades, THEN DON'T TRADE (for) RPs!

That being said, verified and repeat scammers will have their account assets liquidated to repay players they have scammed.


  • 18 Points: [Ultra Rare] Armor
  • 20 Points: [Ultra Rare] Weapons
  • 16 Points: [Uncommon] Special Items: Tank, Technician, Prospector
  • 50 Points: [Uncommon] Specials: Scout, Nova, Deflector, Tractor Beam, Grappling Hook
  • 75 Points: [Uncommon] Special Items: Electronics, Munitions, Propulsion, Construct, Shields
  • 50 Points: [Uncommon] Engines: Stealth Drive, Gravity Drive
  • 10 Points: Flayer-Class Ship (Use :UNLOCK)
  • 20 Points: Executioner-Class Ship (Use :UNLOCK)
  • 30 Points: Devastator-Class Ship (Use :UNLOCK)
  • 50 Points: Despoiler-Class Ship (Use :UNLOCK)
  • 125 Points: Annihilator-Class Ship (Use :UNLOCK)

Ship Availability by Server

Green Server: Flayer, Executioner, Devastator, Despoiler

Blue Server: All Ships

Red Server: All Ships

Grey Server: All Ships