Rift Jump

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The Jump Menu

Rift Jump transports a player from Normal Space to The Rift.

The Rift Jump ability is accessed in The BlackDollar Menu.

Tapping on the Jump the Rift button activates the ability, and it costs 2 BlackDollars to use.

Rift Jump Warm-up Time

Once activated, the ship's Jump Engines takes some time to initiate before the Rift Jump happens.

  • Outside of combat, it takes 3 seconds.
  • While in combat, it takes (Ship Base Movement Speed (with HyperDrive turned OFF) x 1.5) seconds.
    • e.g. A ship with 12 seconds movement speed (or, 6 seconds with HyperDrive turned ON) takes 18 seconds to Rift Jump while in combat.
  • During an engagement, Rift Jump takes 60 seconds

Rift Jump Destination

When Rift Jump completes, the player is immediately transported a Sector in the parallel map with the same coordinates as the Sector from which he Rift Jumped. For Example:

  • A player executing a Rift Jump from Earth will be transported to Rift Sector 40/40
  • A player executing a Rift Jump from Rift Sector 23/21 will be transported to Sector 23/21 in Normal Space

Rift Jump Disruptions

Certain map disruptions will prevent players from executing a Rift Jump. A disruption will occur if any of the following exists in the destination sector:

Canceling a Rift Jump

A Rift Jump can be cancelled by:

  • Long-Pressing the Earth Jump icon on the map screen
  • Tapping the Earth Jump button in the Ship Actions screen
  • Tapping the Corp Jump button in the Ship Actions screen
  • Moving to a connected Sector

Being grappled-and-dragged by enemy players or NPCs equipped with Grappling Hook Specials can forcibly cancel a Rift Jump.