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By tapping on your ship you can bring up several options:

Tutorial actions1.png

  • Repair - Repair Hull With Metals - utilizes metals in your storage to repair your ship (1 metal repairs 150 hull). You can also do this by long-pressing on your ship.
  • Inventory - View your ship's inventory, and Equip and unequip items
  • Bank - View your personal Bank, items can only be added or removed from Blue sectors or Alliance sectors.
  • Auction - Buy and sell items on the open market!
  • Jettison - Allows you to dump resources in your storage into the current sector for someone else to pick up.

Other Actions

By tapping on another player's ship you can see their personal inventories, equipped items, and gain access to special ship-to-ship Actions.

Tutorial actions2.png

  • Attack - Initiate combat with an enemy player, but only if in Black Sectors where PVP is enabled.
  • Follow - This allows you to follow another ship as they move around the map. This is useful for grouping-up and hunting in parties. You can also long-press on other players to follow them.
  • Repair - Use metals in your storage to repair a friend's ship.
  • Scan - View a ship's equipped items, statistics, and inventory.
  • Transfer - send your resources to another player, a one-way trade.
  • Trade - Initiate a secure, two-sided trade between you and another player. You can trade credits, Black Dollars (BDs), and/or items.