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By tapping on your ship you can bring up several tabs:

The Actions menu has four actions you can perform:

Tutorial actions1.png

  • Earth Jump - Use 2 Black Dollars (BDs) to immediately Jump to Earth
  • Corporation HQ Jump (Corp Jump)- Use 2 Black Dollars (BDs) to immediately Jump to your Corporation Headquarters.
  • Jettison Resources - Allows you to dump resources in your storage into the current sector for someone else to pick up.
  • Repair Hull With Metals - utilizes metals in your storage to repair your ship (1 metal repairs 150 hull). You can also do this by long-pressing on your ship.

Other Actions

By tapping on another player's ship you can see their personal inventories, equipped items, and gain access to special ship-to-ship Actions.

Tutorial actions2.png

  • Attack - Initiate combat with an enemy player, but only if in Black Sectors where PVP is enabled.
  • Follow - This allows you to follow another ship as they move around the map. This is useful for grouping-up and hunting in parties. You can also long-press on other players to follow them.
  • Trade - Initiate a secure, two-sided trade between you and another player. You can trade credits, Black Dollars (BDs), and/or items.
  • Transfer - send your resources to another player, a one-way trade.
  • Inspect - Opens up that player's Web Tools profile page so you can view their stats and equipment.
  • Message - initiate a Private Message (PM) with the player.

Out of these six buttons, you will likely use Trade and Inspect most often.