Ship Size and EquipPoints

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Understanding how a ship's size and available EquipPoints work in relation to item size is one of the more challenging features for new players. However, once you figure it out, it will make perfect sense.

Tutorial ship factory small.PNG

When viewing a ship at the Ship Factory, the number of EquipPoints it has is listed under its price in credits.

Each class of ship has a different maximum EquipPoint value associated with it. Generally speaking, the more expensive a ship is, the more EquipPoints it has. Shuttles are the smallest ships and have 3 EquipPoints. Wyrd Terminus ships are the largest, and have 19 EquipPoints.

Having more EquipPoints lets you put more items (and more powerful items) into your ship.

  • An analogy would be to compare mobile homes to mansions. In a mobile home you only have room for a twin-sized bed and a couch, but in a mansion you have room for a king-sized bed, a couch, a desk, and a television.

There is a large variety of Items you can equip your ship with. As a new player, what you can equip your ship with will largely depend upon the availability of what you can find in StarPorts, loot drops, and on the Auction.

  • Every item in the game has a size value associated with it. An item's Rarity and Rank determines its size.
  • An item's size can range from 0 to 30.
  • When you equip your ship with an item, it "fills" your ship up, making less room for other equipment.
  • You cannot put a piece of equipment onto your ship if that item exceeds your ship's maximum EquipPoints.
    • For example: Shuttles have 3 EquipPoints. You cannot put a Size 4 laser gun into that just won't fit!

Demo gun item.png

A Pulverizer II weapon with a size of 2, 100% durability, and a price of 3,000 credits. This gun would fit into a Shuttle (3 EquipPoints), leaving 1 EquipPoint available for another item.