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Skulls are a currency earned by Alliances for killing members of other Alliances that are somewhat equal in power.

  • An Alliance planet must be deployed to earn Skulls through PvP.

Skulls can be obtained by destroying Rank 4+ Garrisons.

Players can also obtain Skulls for every 100 BlackDollars purchased from Spellbook.

  • These Skulls can be donated to your Alliance with the :skull gift # command.

The :skull chat command lists the available options.

:Skull Sub-Commands

  • :skull all - Lists the Alliance Skull Totals (server specific)
  • :skull gear - lists all of the available gear purchasable with Skulls and their costs
    • Only Rift Faction Storage, Armor, and Weapons are available
    • All Harvester types are available
    • Each item has a 50% chance of being Bind on Equip
    • Note: You must use the EXACT item name as it appears inside the game. The game does not know or understand abbreviations or misspellings.
  • :skull power -- List and Activate Alliance-wide buffs
    • Buffs cost 100 Skulls to use and last 24 hours