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Specials Items greatly affects what a ship does and how it behaves in combat. Specials allow players to take on specific combat roles, such as repairing, tanking, running interference, or dealing even more damage.

Advanced Specials provide large stat bonuses to specific stats, as well as providing large EquipPoints bonuses.

All specials are ship-specific and can be upgraded with Engineering.

Special Items can only be bought from other players on the Auction House or claimed using Reward Points.

Special stats and abilities can be viewed using the Web Tools site.


Grappling Hook

Nova Device





Tractor Beam

Weird Alien Artifact

Alien Hunter

Battle Ram

Bounty Hunter

  • Not Yet Implemented

Advanced Construct

Advanced Electronics

  • Equipment Page Listing
  • Higher rarities provide a small EquipPoints bonus
  • +Critical Hit Chance
  • +Critical Damage %
  • +Hit Chance
  • A significant amount of +Critical Resist

Advanced Munitions

  • Equipment Page Listing
  • Higher rarities provide a small EquipPoints bonus
  • A large * +Critical Damage% bonus
  • +Splash Damage Chance
  • A large +Damage % bonus.

Advanced Propulsion

  • Equipment Page Listing
  • Reduces movement cooldown
  • Small +Evasion bonus
  • Large Stun Resist bonus
  • Large Grapple Resist bonus

Advanced Shields

  • Equipment Page Listing
  • Large Reduction of Damage taken
  • Moderate Stun Resist bonus
  • Moderate Grapple Resist bonus
  • Moderate Critical Resist bonus
  • Moderate Splash Resist bonus