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  • A "Splash" is area damage that hits other nearby hostile targets.
  • Players gain +Splash Chance from leveling up, as well as from equipment.
  • A successful SPLASH attack can come from any standard attack (HIT, GRAZE, or CRITICAL).
  • On a SPLASH, the damage done by your standard attack is halved, then applied to another target in the sector.
  • It can then SPLASH again (using the same chance to splash %), which halves the remaining damage, and applies it to another target in the sector.
  • Splash attacks can keep chaining until it runs out of targets, damage falls below 10, or fails the splash % roll.

Splash Resist

When a player attacks and successfully hits the target, there is a random dice roll to determine whether the attack will result in a Splash. The Range of the dice roll is from 1 to the Target's Splash Resist plus 100. If the result of the roll is less than the Attacker's Splash Chance, then the attack will splash to a new target. The Chance to Splash formula is defined as:

  • C = Attacker's Splash Chance
  • R = Target's Splash Resist
  • Chance to Splash = C / (100+R)