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StarPort Icon
StarPort on the Map

StarPorts are neutral entities scattered throughout the galaxy. They drift around the map slowly, but one can always be found at Earth.

Selling Resources to StarPorts is the primary way players earn Credits. Resources are collected after killing NPCs and harvesting asteroids.

Tapping on a StarPort entity icon will open up the StarPort's interface.

Long-pressing on a StarPort entity icon will repair your ship with credits (1 hull repaired = $1 credit).

Buying and Selling

To access a StarPort's inventory, simply tap on it.

StarPorts have three menus to choose from:

  • Sell All Resources
  • Sell all Non-Metal Resources
  • Repair
  • Item Market

Selling & Buying Resources

Tap the Resources tab on the StarPort's menu.

Starport resources.png

  • The icons in the center represent the resources Metals, Organics, Gas, Radioactives and Dark Matter.
  • The green numbers on the right are resources in your ship's Storage. Tap on the "-Numbers" to sell those quantities for the displayed amount of credits individually, or press the Sell All Resources button.
  • The red numbers on the left are resources for sale by the StarPort. Tap on the "+Numbers" to purchase those quantities for the displayed amount of credits. Typically, you will only ever need to buy Metals (for repairing your ship).

Buying Items

Tap the Item Market Button to access the StarPort's inventory.

Buy item.png

  • You can swipe through a StarPort's inventory to find new and interesting items to purchase, or just window shop.
  • To buy an item, just tap on the button using payment method of your choice (BlackDollars or Credits).

Before making your first purchases, make sure you understand how Ship Size and EquipPoints work.

Selling Items

Items can no longer be sold to StarPorts. Instead, use the Scrap option from inside your inventory. You do not need to be at a StarPort to scrap items.

  • Uncommon (or better) items are more profitable to sell on the Auction House than scrapping.