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Written, edited, and updated by by Jestor, Tssunami2011, and Mythra

When you Begin

When you start the game you are at Earth. Before you do anything take 5 minutes to press all the buttons and have a look at what they do. This will save a lot of questions once you begin. To start with you are flying a shuttle, the most basic ship in the game. It is equipped with an Auto Cannon, composite armor, and a basic storage unit. I say this now, the basic Auto Cannon is completely useless. I suggest un-equipping it and selling it as soon as you work out how to do it.

The basic idea of the game is to kill NPCs(enemy ships) to acquire resources to sell for money at StarPorts. You acquire resources from killing enemy ships which you will find while flying in grey sectors or black sectors on the map.

To move around the map simply click on a square and then press the Jump button. As you explore you will come across enemy ships. To attack these tap or click on the name on the right-hand side of the main screen.

A ship with no storage can hold 10 of each resource (the basic storage I unit holds 15 of each) with the resources you currently hold listed across the very top of the screen. When you have all the resources you can hold its time to find a StarPort (there is always one at Earth) and sell them. I would recommend keeping at least 5 of the metal resource to heal yourself, but I will explain the further later on. To sell at a StarPort click on the StarPort icon on the main screen. It appears directly below your ship. Then click on the resource button at the bottom left of the screen that pops up. A window will appear listing the 5 resource types with buying prices on the left and selling prices on the left. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO REASON TO BUY ANY RESOURCE EXCEPT METAL UNTIL YOU ARE AN ADVANCED PLAYER! To sell all your resources click on the number listed at the extreme right of the window. To close the window press the close button in the bottom right corner of the window.

That is the very basics of the game.

The Game Screen

This section of the guide will show you through the various buttons and menus in the game and teach you about the User Interface (UI). It is split into 3 sections: Menus, Functions and Ships.

Menus - On the left hand side on the screen running in a vertical line are 5 buttons. From top to bottom these are Chat,Auction House, Scanner, Corporation/Alliance list and the Black Dollar menu.

  • The Chat window- This is the social hub of The Infinite Black. There are 6 sections in here which are:
    • General chat (the default screen.You must be level 2 to access general chat).
    • Corp chat which appears blue and lets you chat with your fellow corp mates if you have joined or been invited by one of the many in the game.
    • Alliance chat which appears orange and is much the same as corp chat but includes all allied corps as well as your own.
    • Sector chat which is a dull grey color which allows you to chat only with people in the same sector as you.
    • Market chat which is white where people trade items and Black Dollars between each other and finally Events which list things like movement information and attacks and various miscellaneous information.

The Auction House - This is where players put higher quality items up for auction to the general community.

  • To put and item up for auction it must be at least uncommon quality.
  • The best way to understand this feature is to type Auction House in the search box at the top of the forum.

The Trophy Button - Leaderboards and Alliance/Corporation List.

  • This list all of the alliances and corporations in the game as well as some information relating to them.
  • You can look up player profiles
  • You can search and view all of the items available inside the game, including a Auction price history for items
  • There is a ship Outfitter where you can design a ship and look at what your stats would be.

Black Dollar Menu

  • Besides chat this is probably the most important menu in the game.
  • This is where you use the in-game currency Black Dollars (BDs from herein) to purchase helpful extras.
  • To purchase an item in the menu simply press the name of what you want to buy. It is pretty easy to understand when you look at it so I will only cover the mostly used options here:
    • HyperDrive (HD) - HD halves the movement speed of your ship. It costs 8BDs nand last for 300 jumps.
    • SuperCharge (SC) - It adds a 5% chance to perform a critical hit when you attack enemies. It costs 5BDs and last for 5 successful critical hits.
    • Tactics - This basically acts as a shield by increasing your chance to evade attacks by adding 5% to your evasion chance. It lasts for 10 successful missed shots from enemies.
    • MindSurge (MS) - This doubles all XP from kills and costs 5bds. It last for 20 kills.
    • Accelerate - which halves the cooldown time when you harvest asteroids. It also costs 5bds and lasts for 20 harvests.
    • Fighters and Repair Drones cost 10bds each and follow you everywhere. Fighters offer a small boost to your attack power by randomly attacking enemies in your sector. Repair drones will heal a small amount of damage at short intervals.
    • There are a fair few others in the list so just open it up and have a look.

The User Interface

This section will explain the functions of the various buttons on the main screen and what they look like.

  • Black Dollar Healing button - The BD heal button is the button next to the chat button on the top left corner of the screen. It has a big B on a shield. To use this simply press the button. It cost 2bds to use and will fully repair your ship. When you use it there will be a cooldown timer before you can use it again.
  • Earth Jump (EJ) button - Next to the BD heal button is the EJ button. It is a small picture of a planet with a moon on it. To use EJ you must LONG PRESS the EJ button. Again it costs 2bds to use and will transport you to Earth.
  • Your Ship. Your ship is located in the middle of the screen towards the top. It shows your name, current Alliance or Corporation (if you don't have a Corp it will say Privateer), and current HP. It is important that you keep an eye on your ship so you can effectively heal and fight enemies.
  • Across the very top edge of your screen are listed your resources. From left to right they are Organics (green leaf), Gas (blue raindrop), Metal (silver circle), Radioactives (radiation symbol), and Dark Matter (green snowflake).
  • To move around click on a square adjacent to where you are and click the word Jump. It is in the lower left side of the screen. Next to that is a + and - button. They will zoom in and out. The button between them will center the map on where you are located.
  • Under your ship icon you will see StarPorts when you are in a sector containing one. This is where you sell your resources.
  • Enemy NPCs and players will appear down the right side of the screen. You can just attack them by tapping on them or you can attack and follow them by LONG PRESSING the name of what you want to attack.
    • NPCs always appear red.
    • Other players not in the same corp/alliance will appear yellow in the grey zone and red in the black zone.
    • Any friendly players will always appear blue.

Your Ship

  • When you click on a ship icon it will bring up a closed window. Across the bottom you have 3 buttons. Actions, Inventory and Equipment.
    • Action Button -- On your ship in actions there are 4 buttons. Earth Jump, Corp Jump, Jettison Resources which lets you drop your cargo and Metal Heal which can also be done by just long-pressing your ship on the main screen if you are holding metal in your ship.
    • Inventory - This has 3 buttons along the bottom. They are:
      • Drop Item which lets you drop stuff in the sector you are in.
      • Bank Item which lets you put items in your item bank. To use this you must be on an allied garrison or planet or a blue square around Earth.
      • Open Bank which lets you see the items you have placed in your bank. You can withdraw items from your bank here again if you are on a blue square or allied garrison/planet.
    • Equipment button. This is where you attach items to your ship. It is pretty basic to understand. At the bottom of the window it lists all the stats of your ship such as damage,total hull and storage capacity among others. Best to check it out and ask if someone if you have questions about it. NOTE: You must un-equip an item before you can fit another item of the same type. The sector where you change or remove items must not have an enemy in it or it will not work.

Other Player Ships

  • The Action tab has 6 options when you open it.
  • Attack which can be done buy long pressing an ENEMY ship.
  • Follow which will set you on follow mode and avoid you losing your target. This is also available for friendly units to allow for faster large group movement.
  • Trade which is used to trade credits, BDs and items between to people. When using this you will have a menu pop up and you can type in amounts of each to trade. A safe guard is in place so you can check the deal before accepting it. Transfer which lets you transfer resources to a specific person.
  • Inspect opens up another player's Profile page.
  • Other ship Inventory - This will allow you to see the items someone else is carrying but doesn't have currently equipped.
  • Equipment - This will show the items equipped and ship stats exactly the same as for your own ship.

NPC Stats and Recommendations

NOTE: many of these stats are dated, however the general recommendations still should apply.

I have put it a little high for some things on the max damage just to be safe. They are listed by Name, Type, HP and then damage. I haven't listed experience values, but as the enemies get tougher you earn more experience for a kill. I am also grouping them into similar difficulty levels as some enemies are very similar by way of damage potential and HP.

  • The most basic rule of hunting NPCs is ALWAYS CARRY METAL! You should be able to pick up enough of it to cover all your repairs from killing NPCs.
  • Try to group up. Groups of 2-3 a super efficient for hunting grey and 4-6 is perfect for hunting the black zone.
    • It allows you to kill a lot quicker and have the added benefit of carrying more metal for healing.
    • You can heal friendly ships by long pressing them exactly the same as you heal yourself.
  • Watch your life. There is no shame in running if you are out matched and out gunned.
  • Be aware of the situation. Just because an NPC has more life than you doesn't mean you will lose.
    • Just make sure you heal up if you stay BEFORE your life is lower than their max damage.
    • A good idea is to try to keep your hull above 1500-2000 at all times.
  • Don't Panic! If you are in a group of 4 and have a Reaper with 1200 HP and another NPC jumps into the sector, stay and fight if you have some metals. Don't waste the hard work.
    • This is one thing that will come with practice.
    • The main thing is to avoid any situation that makes you nervous. Take your time and survive.

Grey Zone NPCs

All these guys are relatively easy to take down even in an un-equipped ship. Just make sure you have at least 6 metals with you and move away if they out number you buy more than 3 to 1 when flying solo. Add one more to that number for each extra person you are with. You can make quiet a fair bit of cash killing in the grey zone. NOTE: After you hit level 15 you cannot earn XP grey sectors so you will have to go into black to advance more.

  • Weak Drone, Heteroclite, 170hp
  • Weak Raider, Pirate, 180hp
  • Weak Bandit, Pirate, 360hp
  • Weak Warrior, Heteroclite, 540hp
  • Weak Outlaw, Pirate 720hp

Low Level Black NPCs

These NPCs can be pretty easily taken down solo. Just make sure you have at least 10 metals for healing and watch your hull. With a little experience they will pose little threat unless 2-3 of them show up unexpectedly.

  • Drone, Heteroclite, 510hp approx 20 dmg
  • Warrior, Heteroclite, 850hp, 30-70dmg
  • Outlaw, Pirate, 1080hp, 25-70dmg
  • Defender, Heteroclite, 1190hp, 30-60dmg

Mid-Level Black NPCs

These guys can be a little tough solo. They will drain 15-30 metals on healing and have a higher chance to cause critical hits (upto double damage). I recommend not fighting more than one at a time unless in a group of 2-3 to spread the damage between you. They have a reasonably fast rate of fire so damage can add up quickly.

  • Coloniser, Wyrd, 1330hp, 40-120dmg
  • Brigand, Pirate, 1800hp, 60-100dmg
  • Predator, Heteroclite, 1870hp, 60-140dmg
  • Wayfarer, Wyrd, 2090hp, 80-160dmg
  • Prowler, Pirate, 2160hp, 90-180dmg

High Level Black NPCs

These guys are in a class of their own. They do decent damage and can take a beating. If solo you will burn through 25+ metals on repairs. It is not worth the cost to fight them solo unless you come across them when they are already hurt,and then only if you have more hp than them. Hunt these guys in groups of 3+ and watch each others backs.

  • Marauder, Pirate, 2800hp, 120-240hp
  • Invader, Wyrd, 2850hp, 110-220dmg

Very High Level Black NPCs

These guys are insanely difficult solo. DO NOT FIGHT THEM SOLO UNTIL YOU UNDERSTAND JUST HOW TOUGH THEY ARE! They do alot of damage, critical hits (cosairs can hit for 700dmg) and take along time to take down. Even in a group of 3 newer players they can be a little to much if you are low on metals. Recommend groups of 3+ all holding at least 25 metals. With a little experience you can push these recommendations abit with experience and testing.

  • Corsair, Pirate, 3240hp, 180-360dmg
  • Assassin, Wyrd, 3360hp, 190-380dmg
  • Enforcer, Pirate, 3600hp, 200-400dmg
  • Reaper, Wyrd, 4370hp, 200-440dmg

Chat Rules

  • Rule number one is KEEP CHAT CLEAN! In order to maintain an "Everyone" rating on the Android Market this rule must be adhered to.
  • Please refrain from racial slurs or attacks(remember it is an international gaming community), sexual innuendo or sexual harassment, avoid using profanity, do not personally attack anyone, don't attack family heritage and generally speak on chat as if you were speaking to your grandmother (if she understood IM).
  • Be respectful. With the large community there will always be different skill and knowledge levels as well as varied opinions on pretty much everything. Be mindful of this when on chat. Arguments are healthy and promote growth and learning,fights are destructive. Learn,educate and grow.
  • Don't be afraid to ask questions. There is NEVER a stupid question and always someone who can answer. The only silly question is the one you have no answer to.
  • If someone is being particularly annoying, judgmental, or outright nasty then use the :ignore NAME command. It is in place for your safety and peace of mind. To use it simply type :ignore (NAME).
  • Remember, everyone is here to have fun and enjoy themselves. By all means stir people up a little (troll them), just keep it light-hearted and follow the above-stated rules. If you MUST resort to profanity use the Private Message feature. Just be warned: the punishments may still be applied even in regards to PM's.

TIB-specific Abbreviations and Terminology

The chat in The Infinite Black operates on the same principles as any IM chat. Think KIK,Yahoo Messenger or MSN. There is however a definite development of in-game IM language.Here are alot of them to help you avoid confusion.

  • HD or hd- Hyperdrive
  • SC or sc- Supercharge
  • MS or ms- Mind Surge (not Multiple Sclerosis)
  • omw- on my way
  • bds- Black Dollars
  • Creds- Credits
  • k- 1000 (eg. 5k = 5000. Usually used to denote prices)
  • Vette- Corvette
  • Frig- Frigate
  • Dest- Destroyer
  • BS- Battleship (or the classic IM meaning. Check the context)
  • Dread- Dreadnought
  • Flag-Flagship
  • Flay or Flyer- Flayer
  • Exec- Executioner
  • Dev- Devastator or Developer( for developers it is usually devs)
  • Tit- Usually Titanium Armour(not boob!)
  • Carb- Carbide armour
  • Comp-Composite armour
  • AC- autocannon
  • MD- mass,driver
  • Ripper- Wyrd Ripper
  • Levi-Leviathan
  • Pulv-Pulveriser
  • Comp- Computer
  • Harv-Harvester
  • uc- uncommon item
  • UR- Ultra Rare item
  • pvp-Player vs Player fighting
  • pve- Player vs Environment combat and action (usually npc combat)
  • Npc-non-player ships
  • HQ- corporation head quarters
  • HW- alliance home world
  • Corp- corporation
  • Farm- to gather resources either by killing npcs or harvesting asteroids
  • Roid- Asteroid
  • Nvm- never mind
  • DW- don't worry
  • KK- ok
  • DTH- down to hunt
  • Omw-on my way
  • Cords- map coordinates
  • Sec-Sector (usually used as sec chat)
  • Sec chat- use sector chat window
  • Corp chat- use corp chat window
  • Ally chat- use alliance chat window
  • Xp- experience
  • Lev-Level
  • Ep-equipment points
  • PM-Private Message
  • QQ or QQing- Cry or crying
  • Noob- New player
  • IDK- I don't know
  • IDC- I don't care
  • wc - wrong chat