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Stun inhibits a player's ability to jump from one sector to the next and to fire his weapon. Stun does not inhibit a player's ability to jump to Rift, Earth or his Corporation Garrison.

Stun Duration, Chance, and Resist

A player's ship has three attributes related to Stun: Stun Duration, Stun Chance, and Stun Resist.

  • Stun Duration represents the length of time for which a player stuns an enemy.
    • Stun Duration is added to the cooldown time of a player's weapon.
      • Example: A player with +4s Stun duration will stun for 7s while using a Screamer (a 3-second weapon)
      • Example: A player with +5s Stun duration will stun for 10s while using an Auto Cannon (a 5-second weapon)
      • Example: A player with +0s Stun duration will stun for 20s while using a Drago (a 20-second weapon)
  • Stun Chance represents the likelihood that a Hit or Graze will result in the enemy being stunned.
  • Stun Resist represents the likelihood that a successful stun by an enemy will be resisted.

Stun Mechanics Part 1: The Chance to Stun

When a player attacks and successfully hits or grazes the target, there is a random dice roll to determine whether the attack will result in a Stun. The Range of the dice roll is from 1 to the Target's Stun Resist plus 100. If the result of the roll is less than the Attacker's Stun Chance, then the Target will be stunned.

The Chance to Stun formula (assuming Hit or Graze) is defined as:

  • C = Attacker's Stun Chance
  • R = Target's Stun Resist

Chance to Stun = C / (100+R)

Stun Mechanics Part 2: Stun Duration

When an attacker successfully Stuns a Target, the Target's attack and movement timers are set to the stun duration.

If a timer is already higher than the stun duration, then the stun will not do anything to that timer.

Example: A target is stunned for 8 seconds, but their attack timer is already at 12 seconds.

Only their movement timer will be "stunned" to 8 seconds. The attack timer would remain at 12 seconds.