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  • Added Elite +1 EquipPoint bonus for :COMBAT points
  • Killing low level players no longer has PvP rewards


  • Many display bugs fixed
  • Neutron Drive says 'NO REPAIR' but it can be repaired!
  • Minimum movement speed is 4 seconds (2 with HyperDrive)
  • Carriers on all servers now impart fast Leadership speed
  • All ships move 1 second faster
  • Neutron Drives now move at 2.3 second speed
  • Fixed player name text size in chat window
  • Fixed player name text size on map


  • Use :SPEED chat command to limit your movement speed
  • Updates to Specials, Weapons, Armor, Harvesters, CPUs
  • Performance and battery use improvements

=[ Other Recent Additions ]=

  • Chat Macro: Use !L! to insert your location into chat
  • Chat Macro: Use !A! to insert your attack target into chat
  • Chat Macro: Use !F! to insert your follow target into chat
  • NPCs are more intelligent...
  • Most heteroclites no longer GRAPPLE
  • Predators, Hijackers and Assassins GRAPPLE chance increased
  • Drones, Colonizers, Raiders, and Corsairs can REPAIR
  • Increased loot drop chances from Rift invaders
  • Blue Server: Annihilator available with :UNLOCK
  • Green Server: Executioner available with :UNLOCK
  • Green Server: Corporation Member Cap increased to 25
  • Green Server: Alliance Member Cap increased to 4
  • Corporations now cost $1,000,000 Credits
  • Alliances now cost $10,000,000 Credits
  • Deploying Garrison now $25,000 per rank
  • Deplyoing Planet now $50,000 per rank
  • Garrison item storage capacity has been increased
  • Weird Alien Artifact protects against every death penalty
  • Weird Alien Artifact works in any ship type
  • Weird Alien Artifact protects Hardcore players from death
  • Weird Alien Artifact drops in sector upon death


  • Correct Battle Ram and Alien Hunter item stats
  • Battle Ram special's RAM damage has been doubled
  • Death Lockout removed for all ship classes
  •  :ROLL and :DICE chat commands added


  • Carrier drivers always see hidden and stealthed allies
  •  :UNLOCK command works for Wyrd Terminus (30k Combat Points)
  •  :LOTTERY chat command is live! Win some BlackDollars!
  •  :CHART chat command to see your combat performance
  • Average Damage Per Second added to :WHO [PLAYER NAME]
  • STUN for NPCs, Fighters, and Intradictors has been fixed
  • Deflector special blocks stun attacks from NPCs and Fighters
  • Improved STUN notifications in combat log
  • Removed SECTOR, CORP and ALLIANCE chat from Server tab
  • Alien Hunter special: Increase drops, +damage vs aliens
  • Battle Ram special: Chance to to RAM enemy when moving

v1.16 (Google Play Only)

  • Support for Google Play in-app billing v3


  • Workaround for Android 4.3 native crash bug in Google's code
  • Repair Drones heal for 40% more
  • Repair Drones heal Fighters and other drones for 200
  • Repair Drones and Fighters take 75% less damage
  • More achievements and Server First achievements
  • Invasion sector friendly ship cap increased to 20
  • Garrison deployment requires 2-sector buffer from enemy units
  • Green Server launch with special Alliance rules (See forums)
  •  :MEMBER command lists all corp members sorted by last login
  • (Green/Blue Servers) Carrier speed capped at 7 seconds (Was 5)
  • Garrisons are always locked. Lock icon removed.
  • BlackDollar perks cost less for small Alliances (50 members)
  • Mines * 50% chance to not decay when dealing damage
  • Mines * Sector max raised to 6 (was 5)
  • Failed Garrison engagements stun and expel all attackers
  • +3 minute post-engagement lockdown for every attacker killed
  • Added a new Wiki! Hit the '?' or Tutorial button!
  • Combat Point formula changed: Bigger rewards for bigger targets
  • Hardcore players no longer count against corp member caps
  • Enemy mines may no longer be removed by purchasing new mines


  •  :REPAIR chat command for Alliance Leaders to repair gear
  • Attack and Follow managed server-side instead of client-side
  • Bug Fix: Attack target not being properly cleared


  •  :REP chat command to give and take reputation
  • Players get 1 Reputation Point to spend every 5 levels
  • Improved Corp and Alliance MOTD alerts
  • Accounts made before July 17th are flagged as "Legacy"
  • Veterans creating NEW accounts may not farm Grey sectors
  • Existing Legacy accounts under Level 15 may farm Grey sectors
  • Double XP for for all players under Level 15
  • New accounts start with 200 Mind Surge
  • Low-rank ships unlock at Level 3, 6, 9, 12, 15, 20, and 30
  • Hardcore accounts do not get low-rank ship unlocks
  • Hardcore accounts no longer gain XP from harvesting asteroids
  • Reduced save pause time by 90%
  • Hardcore players may not equip down to a lower ship class
  • Hardcore Top 10 XP penalty has been removed entirely
  • Hardcore Top 10 win $10,000 per rank for their corporation
  • Assist button removed from all clients
  • New "Kill X NPC" achievements added


  • Bug fixes and visual improvements
  • Names on the map are easier to see on new phones and tablets
  • Friendly player locations shown in unexplored sectors


  • Google Play-only update for in-app billing problems


  • Google Play-only update for search filters


  • Auto Cannon and Phaser weapons get large +Hit Chance bonus
  • Wyrd Reaper stun duration increased
  • Fixed Ajax Gambit +500% Damage Bonus display bug
  • Fixed Aegis Gambit missing +Damage Bonus display bug
  • Fixed equipment stats being too big for smaller screens
  • StarPort sell value of many items being modified
  • Deconstruct RP values of many items adjusted
  • Ultimate Munitions, Electronics, and Construct specials get +1 EP