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  • Many display bugs fixed
  • Neutron Drive says 'NO REPAIR' but it can be repaired!
  • Minimum movement speed is 4 seconds (2 with HyperDrive)
  • Carriers on all servers now impart fast Leadership speed
  • All ships move 1 second faster
  • Neutron Drives now move at 2.3 second speed
  • Added Elite +1 EquipPoint bonus for :COMBAT points
  • Killing low level players no longer has PvP rewards

v1.3.3 (iOS Only)

  • Fix memory crash problem on iOS devices


  • Use :SPEED chat command to limit your movement speed
  • In-app web browser for armory, forums, tutorial, wiki
  • Support for iOS as a 64-bit app
  • Updates to Specials, Weapons, Armor, Harvesters, CPUs, Holds
  • Trade window bug fixes and improvements
  • Player Armory Page (tap player portrait or Armory button)
  • Performance and battery use improvements
  • Long-press player name in chat to :WHO them
  • Fixed display of map grid lines and grid numbers
  • Fixed black-on-black text entry bug


  • Portraits are live! Set them at www.Spellbook.com
  • Fixed critical item display bug
  • Fixed critical trade and auction bug
  • Fixed Login button not working after disconnect
  • Improved Auction House and Trade Windows
  • Added new in-game music
  • Added Stop Follow and Stop Attack buttons
  • Improved bank, inventory and equipment lists
  • Fighters will now stop attacking when you do
  • Improvements to sector player list
  • Added current hull info to top bar
  • Garrison Kills earn Skulls
  • Alliance rewards using :SKULL chat command
  • Storage items added to :REWARD chat command
  • Players can earn Skulls for their Alliance


  • Splash damage will no longer trigger Deflector stuns
  • Mid-range weapons either speed up or slow down
  • Slow weapon items receive large +Damage bonus
  • Some weapon item stats significantly improved
  • Some harvester item stats significantly improved
  • Some storage item stats significantly improved
  • Many performance improvements and bug fixes


  • Heteroclite faction weapons now auto-repair you!
  • Scale sliders for Event Log text and Chat text
  • Many bugs fixed and performance optimizations!
  • Fixed: Keybindings trigger unexpectedly (desktop)
  • Fixed: Map can get stuck in Rift view
  • Fixed: Pinch-zoom activates JUMP if course plotted
  • Fixed: Music plays at startup even if music is off
  • Fixed: Settings -> Combat Flash (on ships)
  • Fixed: Settings -> Hide UI When Scrolling
  • Fixed: Unexpected auto-attack and auto-follow


  • Full free online space combat and adventure game!
  • Available on ALL app stores and ALL desktops!
  • Download links: www.Spellbook.com/TIB/
  • Entirely new client built in Unity3D
  • Massive performance improvements with less battery use
  • New high-def visuals, sounds, effects, icons
  • Local account system with per-character settings files
  • Detailed combat event filtering (Over 500+ options)
  • 4-column entity list with sort order and detailed filters

Alpha/Beta Changelog

v0.9.4c (Unity/TIB v2.0)

  • Many performance improvements
  • More chat dialog improvements
  • Fixed bug with non-responsive chat buttons
  • Fixed Escape, Home and Settings button bindings
  • Correctly sorting entity list (Carriers at the top)
  • Greatly improved player directory
  • Corp directory now lists players by rank
  • Alliance directory now lists players by corp and rank in corp
  • Smooth scrolling
  • A 'scroll lock' feature.
  • When 'unlocked' and not scrolling through the chat log, the current chat channel will automatically scroll to the bottom when new chats arrive.
  • When 'locked' the scroll view will maintain its current position in the log even as new chats come in
  • Huge performance increase and reduction in memory of the chat system
  • Fixed the 'Reply' button, it should now work as expected
  • Other improvements in this version include
  • Back / Menu button support added for Android
  • On desktop versions:
  • The 'Escape' key will close all currently open dialogs or open the system dialog if no dialog is currently open
  • The 'Home' key will close any open dialogs and open the system dialog

version 0.2.0

  • Entirely new client built in Unity3D
  • Windows, Linux, Android, Mac/iOS, Web Browsers, BlackBerry
  • Massive performance improvements with less battery consumption
  • New high-def visuals, sounds, effects, 3D models, icons, etc
  • Local account system, with per* character settings XML files
  • Detailed combat event relationship filtering (Over 500+ options)
  • 4-column entity list, with sort order and relationship filters
  • Waypoint Macros for quickly setting courses to known locations
  • Waypoint Naming for marking special locations on the map
  • Re-designed interfaces (Auctions, Chat, Ships, StarMap)
  • Player Portraits (Hair, face, uniform, accessory, backgrounds)