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Version 1.6.6 - IN PROGRESS

  • Minimum movement speed is 4 seconds (2 with HyperDrive)
  • Carriers on all servers now impart fast Leadership speed
  • All ships move 1 second faster
  • Neutron Drives now move at 2.3 second speed
  • Added Elite +1 EquipPoint bonus for :COMBAT points
  • Killing low level players no longer has PvP rewards

Version 1.6.5

  • Many bug fixes and improvements
  • Brings this client up-to-date with item stat changes
  • Neutron Drive says 'no repair' but can be repaired


  • Fixed text wrapping in chat.
  • Fixed "blending" of chat input under certain circumstances.
  • Fixed missing or dark "Done" buttons in navigation bars.
  • Fixed layout glitch in trade window.


  • Native iOS 7 support.
  • Much improved performance.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Updated Special gear!
  • Reliability improvements.


  • Continued performance improvements, especially in fleet activity.
  • Fixed bug where several items could show up as (null) in chat.
  • Improved refresh of in-sector ships and items when moving.


  • Spellbook rebranding!
  • Performance and stability improvements.


  • Fixed a bug where weapon sounds could loop endlessly.
  • Continued performance and stability improvements.


  • Fixed bug where attack and follow buttons might erroneously clear their state.
  • Lots of performance improvements during big battles.


  • Stability and performance improvements.


  • Added preference setting for enabling portrait mode (off by default).
  • Rewrote much of the chat underpinnings for much improved performance and stability.
  • Lots of layout fixes under both iOS 6 and 7.
  • Fixes bug where tapping an empty chat area on the game screen did not open the chat window.
  • Fixes bug where changing game screen chat filters did not properly refresh the chat content.
  • Fixes bug where chat messages meant to show regardless of filter configuration could be hidden.


  • Improved performance when in heavy activity (big PvP battles, big engagements).
  • Fixed coloration issue of chat channel selector under iOS 7.


  • Fixed missing resource buy/sell buttons for iPad users.


  • Fixed layout glitches occuring under iOS 7.
  • Improved stability.


  • Fixed missing display of grapple resist stat on several Special items.
  • Fixed bug where another player's attack button could disappear even if they were flagged for PVP.


  • Added long-press to attack on Defense Platforms.
  • Fixed follow state inconsistencies.
  • Fixed "Cancel" button in jump display.
  • Fixed crash that could happen when using chat commands and the user supplied invalid arguments to the command.


  • Fixed inconsistencies with attack and follow state (now managed server-side).
  • Fixed error alerts (e.g. equip failed) occasionally repeating themselves.


  • Fixes for ship order within list sections.


  • Changing ships once again appropriately displays in the ship list.
  • Ship list stability improvements.


  • Added a numerical timer for sectors in engagement.
  • Added how much Accelerate you have left to the BD store display.
  • Removed Assist button (per angry mob of player requests).
  • Miscellaneous ship/resource/item display fixes.


  • Added setting to remove saved logins.
  • Removed the long-chat feature in response to the new server-side spam filter. Sorry folks. A few bad apples ruined it.
  • Changed behavior of auto-follow to persist on a timer when target gets too far ahead.
  • Fixed display of credit value and deconstruct RP for weapons.
  • Fixed setting for ignoring incoming trades.
  • Fixed displayed Technician stats.
  • Fixed: if you show a ship’s actions, they will more consistently display if you change sectors.
  • Compatibility with iOS 7.

1.2.4 (44)

  • Fixed bug where weapon fire could interfere with movement cooldown.
  • Fixed display formatting of some equipment stats.

1.2.3 (42)

  • Wyrd weapons now properly display splash chance in item listings.

1.2.2 (41)

  • More item stat corrections.

1.2.1 (40)

  • Various item stat and currency value corrections.

1.2 (39)


  • 68 new Weapon classes!
  • 10 new Armor classes!
  • 44 new Harvester classes!
  • Lots of new stat modifications for Special items!


  • Rewrote the network code from scratch, addressing many connection reliability issues in fleet PvP and elsewhere.
  • Larger action buttons for fewer mistaps.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.

1.1.8 (32)

  • Minor bug fixes and foundation laid for the launch of the Green server.


  • Added preference setting for map background opacity.
  • Fixed BD price display for certain types of item engineering.
  • Tactics is now reflected in evasion chance display in ship inspector.


  • Fixed gear augmentation above rank XIX.
  • Fixed visibility of entity menu when rotating device orientation.
  • Item stat and other miscellaneous fixes.


  • Bug fixes and EULA update.


  • Bug and item stat fixes.


  • Improved network performance and bug fixes.


  • New Game Center achievements.
  • Added two-column entity lists (iPhone/iPod users, rotate to portrait).
  • Assisting is no longer a toggle, but targets your friend's target when pressed.
  • Portrait orientation on iPad now supported.
  • New garrison engagement status display and timer display.
  • Fixed latency issue, other network performance improvements.
  • Fixed missing attack button on enemy planets.
  • Carriers are now set apart as Capital Ships.
  • Improved pathfinding.
  • Leaderboards and player stats now use web-based system.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes.


  • Added in-game help screen.
  • Added "Assist" button to friendly and neutral ships.
  • iPhone users now have a "hide the keyboard" button in chat.
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes, particularly with chat and item trading.


  • Repair behavior changed—long press on own ship repairs just ship; "Metal repair" button repairs your ship and escorts.
  • Can now tap a fighter or repair drone to repair it.
  • Can now message all friends in bulk.
  • Support for Mines added.
  • Item stats updated.
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements. (If you want to bust garrys, you want this version. I'm just sayin'.)


  • Can now purchase BlackDollars in-game.
  • Added option to export game session to text file via iTunes file sharing.
  • Added preference setting for swapping tap and long press behavior on other ships and NPCs.
  • Added disclosure button to player lists that requests detailed player information in chat.
  • Tapping corp ranks in player list on iPhone now starts a private message to everyone of that rank (iPad already had this).
  • BD Heal only appears under player's own ship.


  • Initial release!