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This template is to be used to force text to appear after (instead of next to) any floating images or boxes of text.

This template is not the same as a <br> tag, and it is not meant to replace the use of <br> tags. This tag is only for cases where there are problems with image or table alignment and does not actually insert a line break. <br> tags should still be used in cases where all that is required is a simple line break (i.e., forcing the following text appear on a different line).




Notice that with NewLine "Some Information" appears below the lowest of both icons.

Without NewLine

[[File:Icon-Information.png|left|20px]][[File:Icon-Information.png|right|40px]]Some information.
Some information.

With NewLine

[[File:Icon-Information.png|left|20px]][[File:Icon-Information.png|right|40px]]{{NewLine}}Some information.
Some information.

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