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The Menu


The Black Dollar menu is accessed by pressing the Black Dollars icon on the Android client or the Shopping Cart icon on the iOS client.

Purchasable items on the Black Dollar menu allow players to do things a little bit better and a little bit faster.

Jump The Rift

  • This action Jumps you to The Rift.
  • The Rift is another galaxy with more difficult NPCs. It is not for new players, so go there at your own peril!
  • Selecting Jump The Rift while in The Rift brings you back to normal space.
  • Jump The Rift does not work if there is an obstruction (a garrison or an invasion) on the other side.
  • Jump The Rift does not work if there is an enemy player in the current sector.


  • This purchasable can be toggled on/off with the button or the :hd chat command.
  • While activated, HD reduces jump speed by 50%!


  • This purchasable can be toggled on/off with the button or by typing the :sc chat command.
  • When turned on, SC increases critical hit chance by 5%.


  • This purchasable can be toggled on/off with the button or the :tactic command.
  • Tactics gives ships +5% extra evasion against enemy attacks.


  • This purchasable can be toggled on/off with the button or by typing the :ms command.
  • While activated, experience from kills is doubled.
  • While activated, experience from harvesting asteroids is doubled.


  • Reduces asteroid harvesting cooldown by 50%.
  • Accelerate cannot be toggled on or off.

1,000 credits

  • Exchanges 1 Black Dollars into 1,000 credits
  • This is the economy's BD:Credits conversion "floor."
  • Much better BD:Credit rates can be obtained by trading with other players.

Bank Size

  • Increases your Bank capacity (max of 100).
  • Displays your current bank storage size.

Inventory Size

  • Increases your Inventory capacity (max of 30).
  • Displays your current inventory storage size.

Clear Death Lockouts

  • Removes the PVP death penalty lockout for certain ships.
  • Only applies to Carrier, Wyrd Invader, Assassin, Reaper, and Terminus ships.


  • Summons a fighter that assists with combat.
  • Fighters attack your target.
  • Fighters have an attack time of 5 seconds.
  • Fighters have 75% damage resistance.
  • Tapping or long-pressing on fighters repairs them with metals from a ship's storage.
  • Corporations with the "Advanced Drones" Technology doubles a fighter's damage and health.
  • The :recall command recalls a fighter and refunds 9 Black Dollars.

Repair Drone

  • Summons a repair drone that assists with combat.
  • Repair Drones repair themselves, other drones, and fighters for 200 health.
  • Repair Drones repair player ships for 50 health.
  • Drones repair player ships for 75 health if Advanced Drones and Fighters Technology is active.
  • Drones have 75% damage resistance.
  • Tapping or long-pressing on a drone repairs them with metals from a ship's storage.
  • The :recall command recalls a drone and refunds 9 Black Dollars.


  • Mines are deployable objects that deal damage over time to enemy players in the sector.
  • Mines cannot be attacked.
  • Buying new mines will first try to repair friendly mines in the current sector.
  • Only 6 mines can be placed in a sector.
  • Mines damage between 2.5% and 5% of a target's maximum hull.
  • Mines hit 3 targets per detonation, including Fighters and Drones.
  • Each detonation occurs every 9 seconds.
    • Each detonation has a 50% chance to reduce a mine's health by 1%.
  • Mines will NOT hit or be attacked by NPCs or defense units
  • Mines do not need to be repaired to :RECALL -- 1 Hull = 1 Black Dollar, however the recall costs 5 Black Dollars

Wyrd Invader

Wyrd Assassin

  • A flayer-sized ship with 12 EquipPoints and a built-in ultra-rare Stealth Drive engine.
  • Stealth prevents following by enemy players.
  • Stealth hides a ship from being seen on the map.
  • Assassins use Flayer Computers and Specials.

Wyrd Reaper

  • An executioner-sized ship with 13 EquipPoints and a built-in Tractor Beam Special.
  • Tractor Beams have a chance-on-attack to stun enemies.
  • Stunning increases a target's attack speed and jump cooldown.
  • Reapers have the equivalent of an uncommon tractor beam, and the bonus stacks with an equipped Tractor Beam special item.
  • Reapers use Executioner Computers and Specials.

Alliance Purchasables

  • Gives everyone an Alliance Hyper Drive, Super Charge, Tactics, Mind Surge, or Accelerate.
  • Accounts under level 6 do not receive Alliance Purchasables.
  • Alliance Purchasabless cost less for smaller Alliances (under 50 members).