The Rift

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Jump The Rift on The Black Dollar Menu allows players to jump into a parallel universe called The Rift. The Rift is intended for large groups of well-geared and experienced players.

Jumping The Rift transports you to another 80 x 80 sector map, but you will still be at the same sector location. The Rift has considerably stronger NPCs, but they drop better loot at a higher drop rate.

Rift-Faction equipment can be found in The Rift. Rift Invasions have a higher drop rate than normal invasions, including powerful Weapons, Harvesters and Armor.

Rift Jumping across maps is prohibited if there are garrisons, planets, or invasions on the other side. However, it can be used to bypass a cluster of Garrisons protecting a portion of "private" space. All you need to do is Jump The Rift, negotiate the map to the desired location, then Jump The Rift again.