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Trading is accessed from the Ship Action Menu.

With trading, you can exchange credits, Black Dollars, and Items to another player.

You cannot trade Reward Points or Combat Points.

To initiate a Trade with another player, tap their ship, then tap the Trade button.

You will be presented with the initial trade window.

Tutorial trading1.png

  • Select what you want to trade to the player (credits, Black Dollars, and/or an item from your inventory) by tapping on the appropriate category.
  • Type in the desired currency amounts.
  • By tapping the "Add Item", you can view your Inventory and select the item you wish to trade to another player.

Tutorial trading2.png

  • When you have finished entering your part of the trade, tap the Accept button.
  • Your trade request will be sent to the other player. At that point, the other player can enter his side of the trade or hit cancel to stop the transaction.
  • After the other player submits his part of the trade, the Trade Screen will re-appear on your screen and you will see his offer. If what you see is what you agreed upon, then tap the Accept button, and the trade will be completed.

The Warning

BUYER BEWARE! Do not ever trade someone an item or money without seeing what you've been promised first!

If someone says they'll get something to you later or that the item is on another account, they're probably trying to scam you!

The Market/Auction House is the safest way to buy and sell items!