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Human/Pirate weapon
Wyrd weapon
Rift weapon
Heteroclite weapon

Weapons are the offensive Item type available in The Infinite Black.

Finding a good weapon is necessary for killing enemies, however it must be balanced with defense. You can't attack anything when you're dead!

Try to find a good balance between your weapon, armor and storage for the best results. If you're having trouble hunting, it might be because you've not picked the best gear setup!


  • Weapons deal damage to your enemy!
  • Damage output is determined by Rank (size) and Rarity
  • The larger and more rare a weapon is, the more damage it deals.

All weapons of the same rank do the same amount of base Damage Per Second (DPS) damage per second regardless of their speed and rarity.


Rarity greatly affects the weapon's stats and abilities, but not the base damage.

Picking a Weapon

Weapon choice boils down to personal preference and availability. However, there are some recommendations:

  • Some players prefer large and slow weapons in PvP.
    • This makes it easier to kill an enemy before they have a chance to heal.
    • If you don't kill them, however, it will be a while before you shoot again!
  • Players with Grappling Hook and Tractor Beam Specials prefer faster weapons.
    • This triggers their special abilities more often.
  • High-level players get more benefits from faster weapons due to Experience and Level Bonus
  • Faster weapons are more efficient for killing weaker NPCs

There are currently 72 weapons in The Infinite Black.

  • Each NPC faction has 18 weapons
  • Weapons have 3-20 second attack speeds.
  • There is a wide variety of weapons available, with different secondary stats and abilities.
  • Each faction has its own themes.

Upgrading a Weapon

Weapons can be upgraded with Item Engineering.

A full database of Weapons can be accessed through the Web Tools site.

Human/Pirate Weapons

Human/Pirate faction weapons have a lot of variety, but primarily specialize in Hit, Crit, and Evasion bonuses. Many human weapons also unlock +Damage% bonuses at higher rarities, making them powerful weapons for advanced players.

These items can be obtained through:

Heteroclite Weapons

Heteroclite faction weapons are very unique. These weapons specialize in +Metal Repair bonuses, hull capacity bonuses, and some provide extra resource capacity. Heteroclite weapons can also have +XP% bonuses, and are the only weapons with Stun Resist and Grapple Resist. Heteroclite weapons are designed for players who enjoy playing a support role, but they can also be very useful for solo players.

These items can be obtained through:

Wyrd Weapons

Wyrd faction weapons specializes in doing Splash damage, performing critical hits, and doing larger critical hits. Some Wyrd weapons can do stun attacks and grapple attacks. Several Wyrd weapons get +Damage% bonuses at higher rarity. Wyrd weapons are for players who like to see big numbers, and who like to take advantage of the usefulness of Splash damage when fighting groups of players or NPCs.

These items can be obtained through:

Rift Weapons

Rift Faction weapons specialize in mobility and efficiency. All Rift weapons have a movement speed bonus based on the item's rarity. Some Rift weapons have +1 EquipPoints. All Rift weapons provide either a Critical Hit chance bonus or Critical Damage bonus. Rift weapons can also have a +Hit bonus or a +Damage% bonus. Many Rift weapons have a chance to stun.

These items can be obtained through: